Pokemon – Stopped In The Name Of Love

By Carl00456

This is my favourite episode in the Diamond and Pearl series of Pokemon. I enjoyed it so much as it features my favourite Pokemon, Piplup! The bond between Dawn and Piplup has greatly grown since Dawn first started out on her adventure and this episode goes through some recaps but shows how much they have both grown.

The episode mainly focuses on Piplup. He doesn’t want to evolve because he cherishes the memories he has with dawn. Over the episode he forces himself not to evolve by constantly using bide. This leads Piplup to get tired easily and he ends up in a Pokemon centre. He looks so cute sleeping in a bed! Dawns is worried about Piplup and doesn’t understand that Piplup does not want to evolve. When Piplup looked in the mirror and saw itself as a Prinplup it made me realise how ugly his evolutions were and how special Piplup is as a Pokemon. His stubborn and humorous attitude still continues as he occasionally flails his arms around in the air and runs away from Dawn. The moment when he is sitting under a waterfall trying not to evolve is my favourite, it shows how cool and determined Piplup is. Dawn, being Dawn, still does not understand that Piplup does not want to evolve and it takes him to be captured to finally get the message. Team Rocket cause havoc in a giant machine, shaped to look like a Prinplup, by capturing Piplup and Prinplup and trying to catch Empoleon.

A short while later, Dawn is inside the machine and has found Piplup. She tries to escape with Piplup but they quickly encounter Team Rocket. Piplup struggles and tries not to evolve when Meowth explains what Piplup feels. Piplup says that he does not want to evolve and forget all his memories he has had with Dawn. Dawn finally realises what Piplup was trying to say and they both escape before Team Rocket is blasted off into space. Also in this episode, the same thing happens that did in episode one of Diamond and Pearl. Piplup gets caught in an Ariados’s net and shouts out for help. Dawn gets Piplup off the web but they are surrounded by a lot of Ariados about to use hyper beam. Piplup saves the day and uses a powerful move, bide. This blows all the Ariados away and Dawn runs to Piplup and hugs him, holding him in the air and explaining that she wants Piplup to stay as he is forever.

The episode ends with Dawn being given an everstone to stop Piplup from ever evolving. This episode is awesome as it explains the back story of Dawn and Piplup and really shows their feelings towards each other and the bonds they share. I wonder how Dawn and Piplup are doing now they left the Sinnoh region. It would be a surprise to see Dawn come back with a Prinplup.

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