Pokemon Black And White

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Everybody’s talking about the new pokemon game, “Black and White.” There is much hype about the new pokemon such as Zoroark, Reshiram, and Zekrom. But not everybody agrees with the newfangled creatures. Some say they’re poorly made, some say they are the best made generation. What do you think? Nintendo will be introducing a whopping 156 new pokemon! In the game you’ll be introduced to a new region call Unova. You also may know the starters of this game which are Tepig the firepig, Oshawott the water otter, and Snivy the grass snake. The new game will be announced in Early March.

Pokemon Black and White is said to have improved graphics, and more cut scenes than the earlier games. This game is much more modern with skyscrapers and large cities. They will be introducing a brand new seasonal cycle. There are also two new battle mechanics, triple battles and rotation battles. This is when you send out 3 pokemon at once. The game plot features you having to stop Team Plasma, unlike the earlier teams they intend to do good and free the pokemon from the slavery of trainers. But alike all the other games you must gather and battle for your 8 badges to get to the Elite 4. This includes, Elite Four Shauntal, Elite Four Grimsley, Elite Four Caitlin, and Elite Four Marshal.

There is also a second round after you obtain the National pokedex as the Elite Four has more and new pokemon to help you complete your pokedex. You must complete the second round to challenge the champion which is Elite Champion Alder. All Elite Four members have more than one full restores. So be prepared!

Other than the game there will be also a new pokemon trading card set. It is already out in Japan and many people have already grabbed some packs! The card game will be released in April. This card set contains different holographics and new types of legends. And a Pikachu secret rare in both sets! When the set is released there will also be new tins including the starter pokemon promo.

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