Pokemon Dream World – Play with Wailord Game

By Matt

One of the more fun, but time-consuming games, in my opinion, is the “Play With Wailord!” game. It is an opportunity to test one’s timing skills, as the object of the game is to balance Pokemon using the high-pressure water from Wailord’s blowhole (operated by clicking the mouse). Like the other games, there are two minutes in which the game must be completed. However, unlike the Sky Race or Find the Pokemon, the game will keep going until the timer runs out, giving one incentive to set a high score. The game at the start screen offers you instructions, which I will tell more about below.

Pokemon will be released from the docks above and must be balanced on Wailord’s spouts of water. While balancing them, there will be Drifloon bringing in balls which color match the Pokemon. The goal is to have the Pokemon land on the balls and open fifteen of them. Right now, it seems simple, but after awhile, there will be more than just one Pokemon. One more Pokemon will be added about thirty seconds in, and so on. The last Pokemon will give you a total of four that you have to balance. The Pokemon will only open the ball that corresponds to their color; if it does not match, they will bounce off of it, but add one to the counter on the right side of the screen. The counter displays how many times Pokemon have landed on or opened the balls on-screen. Every time a particular colors reaches 5, the multiplier will increase by one, giving more points for each ball opened. This multiplier is a challenge to keep, though; every time a Pokemon drops into the water (it’s not caught by Wailord), the multiplier will go back to 1.

From time to time, it’s a blast seeing how high you can get the multiplier up before time runs out. After the two minutes are up, there will be scores based on the number of balls opened, a “Perfect clear” bonus (if no Pokemon were dropped in the water), and various other awards. Even though you only need 15 to befriend the Pokemon, some compete and go up to even thirty opened, without breaking the multiplier. The strategy in this game is to be conservative with launching Pokemon. They can also stay on Wailord’s fountain for as long as you want, with no consequence.

Be warned; if you click, all the Pokemon there will be launched into the air. Maneuvering Wailord carefully is another tip that must be mastered. Wailord has limited speed, since it is naturally slow; try to keep Pokemon in range of Wailord’s travelling distance. If that is not met, then they will most likely fall into the water, disrupting the rhythm. They will reappear at the top, but keep trying to aim for a flawless run. I’ve never had one yet, but it will make the game seem more of a reward for having perseverance and staying in the game.


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