Pokemon Dream World – Sky Race

By Matt

When you cross the Dream Bridge and find some Pokemon that want to join you, one of the options is by playing the Sky Race. The chance of getting this game is completely random, but nonetheless is fun to play. After a few seconds of loading, you will see the instructions screen if you have not played before. The rules are basic: guide Pellipper by using flags (which is your cursor) to the goal, which is 1000m away. The faster your cursor is from Pellipper, the faster it will go.

Water Energy symbols are scattered throughout the course, which will boost Pellipper’s base speed. Collecting three of these will increase Pellipper’s speed slightly and award more points. To make the game tougher, there are two kinds of obstacles you will be faced with: clouds of varying sizes and the Lightning Energy symbol. Clouds will slow Pellipper’s base speed, making it tough to gain speed for a while, and Lightning Energy will slow Pellipper’s base speed by one section.

To measure speed, a bar is included. It is divided into 5 sections and starts out all the way at the left, which is the minimum speed. Pellipper gains speed by flying until its base speed reaches the third bar. After this, collecting Water Energy will be the only thing that can increase its speed. Of course, if Pellipper is slowed down below this, it can progressively increase its speed to that point. If speed is at maximum, collecting three of the Water Energy will award bonus points. Lightning Energy will specifically lower speed by one bar, while collecting three Water Energy will increase by one half of a bar. This makes sure that the player should avoid this deterrent. Clouds have no specific formula for lowering speed, but it does lower Pellipper’s mobility while it is trapped in the clouds. These are easy to avoid and get out of, but the fact that they are much more common to find than either Energy makes them a constant threat.

Something I forgot to mention is that time is a factor; you have two minutes to complete the Sky Race. Fortunately, Dream World time seems to be slower than standard time because two minutes ticks away much slower than two minutes here. This game requires a good hand, but more importantly, a good mouse. If you’re playing on a laptop, the game becomes a little harder, because mobility is limited with the mouse pad, and controlling Pellipper’s speed is very crucial to beating the game.

Usually, I finish the game when there is around 30-50 seconds left; but a flawless run could be finished in under a minute. After you’ve reached the goal, there will be bonus points for collecting Water Energy and speeding up, and points which are directly proportional to how much time is left. The strategy in this game is to use restraint and not go too fast, as you may run into several Lightning Energy. Take your time, but don’t waste too much, and don’t be afraid to venture with a little fancy “mousework”.



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