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Have you ever heard of a Pokemon event before? They are special Pokemon that you can receive at promotion that are usually quite rare, they contain a special move are unlock something you can’t get without it. People collect Pokemon Events, and can usually get large sums of them. But a huge problem going on is hackers.

People hack to make replicas of the actually copy and trade them off for originals. It is kind of like bootlegs. If a Pokemon is real and not hacked it is given the term of legit. Otherwise it is just called a hack. People are trying to check events so they can tell. One of the first things to do is to check the identification of the Pokemon.

If it has a different ID number then what the actual event is suppose to have, it is probably a hack. Much like checking to see if there is a tag on a bootleg plush. Of course people can hack and give the Pokemon the exact same ID as the legit version is suppose to have. Just like how someone can print a tag off. You have to look deep in the data sometimes to tell if it is a hack or not. There might be an error, because nobody can make a hack look one hundred percent legit. Just like on a bootleg plush, there might be an error, like it was poorly made, which would give it away because they would be top quality if they weren’t bootlegged.

Outside of collecting there is just getting the event yourself by going to the promotion and downloading it to your game. Event Pokemon usually have a held item, the only Arceus you could get was through an event. All event Arceus hold a Rowap Berry, Roawp berries are impossible to get anywhere outside of the event. I will cover some of the places of events. Usually at the National and World Championship battling tournaments, they have a downloadable event.

I remember there being a Shiny Milotic event at the World Championships. In the United States, Gamestop stores and Toys ‘R’ Us usually have them. Japan usually has them to be received at the Pokemon Centers. Sometimes over WiFi, just download it on. You always have to have a Wonder Card space open to download your event. There are tons of things concerning Pokemon Events but this was just the basics. Pokemon Events are really fun to receive, they are usually quite powerful! Have you ever received an event, and what one?

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