Pokemon Normal Type Move Summaries Part 9

By Matt

This is my 25th article. I would like to extend my thanks to Brian of hardrock-pokemon.com for posting these articles.

I will be discussing Normal-type Pokemon moves. The entire list can be found at http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-bw/normal.shtml. This provides a complete list with PP, Base Power, Accuracy, and a complete description. When you click on the move, you can see more details, like which Pokemon can learn it.

Let’s finish the remaining S moves.

Softboiled is a recovery move that has an effect similar to the others; it is not affected by weather conditions like Morning Sun or Moonlight.

Sonicboom is great for weaking low-level wild Pokemon. It does 20 damage (in HP), which is around average for level 10 Pokemon. Of course, replacing this move is a must, since Pokemon will usually end up at about 200-400 HP at level 100.

Spike Cannon is a combo move with 20 base power, making it slightly stronger than the other ones. Unless you like the animation, I suggest this be replaced.

Spit Up is entirely dependent on using Stockpile. The greater amount of times “stockpiled” (maximum of 3), the more damage this move will do.

Splash is a completely useless move that does nothing at all, but it’s fun to see Pokemon like Magikarp flop around.

Stockpile increases Defense and Special Defense by one level. The message in battle will say, “(Pokemon name) stockpiled (# of times stockpiled”. If Spit Up or Swallowis used, the number of Stockpiles will reset to zero.

Stomp has a chance of making the target flinch. This is an average-power attack, with 65. It’s kind of hard deciding whether or not to keep this move; just go with your instincts.

Strength is an HM move for pushing boulders in caves, etc. It’s a powerful move that can be used 15 times; I wouldn’t mind keeping this one in my Pokemon’s moveset.

Struggle is what happens when the user has no more PP. It damages the user by 1/3 of its maximum HP, so don’t use it when your Pokemon’s HP is low. Go to the nearest Pokemon center instead.

Substitute replaces the user with a clone at the cost of some of its HP. When the decoy takes enough damage, it will disappear and the user will be prone to attacks. This is great to use in conjunction with Follow Me.

Super Fang takes out half of the target’s current (not maximum) HP. This is one of those moves where you know you can weaken your opponent effectively without worrying about type advantages.

Supersonic is very inaccurate (55%), but will confuse the target. Although I wouldn’t suggest keeping it (since confusion wears off quickly), it may be a good approach strategically.

Swagger increases the target’s Attack by two levels, but confuses them. In Double/Triple Battles, try using another Pokemon with the ability Own Tempo, which will not let it get confused.

Swallow is another move alternative dependent on Stockpile. It will heal the HP, the amount depending on how much the user “stockpiled”.

Sweet Kiss will confuse the target, if it lands. There’s a ľ chance you can get away with using this move, but I usually don’t feel so confident with a move like this. Don’t confuse this with Lovely Kiss, which will make the target fall asleep.

Sweet Scent lowers the target’s evasiveness by one level. This will make moves that are usually inaccurate easier to land. Although it doesn’t mean accuracy of the moves will increase, the target will just be more susceptible to attacks.

Swift is a special move that never misses.

Finally, Swords Dance, used commonly by offensive Pokemon, raises Attack by two levels. It helps with physical attacks, especially when combined with the Scope Lens, which will make critical hits more likely.

And this concludes the moveset for all Normal-type moves. I hope you’ve enjoyed thoroughly reading this guide.







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