Pokemon Global Link – C-Gear Skin Events

By Matt

Excluding Japan, the Pokemon Global Link has currently three C-Gear skins that can be received if the right password is put in. It doesn’t take too long to find out that there’s an event going on; all news shows up to the left when you access the Global Link. The first skin was released around May internationally. It is Munna, the Pokemon whose evolution started the Global Link trend. On a lesser note, its name is Munna’s Flower Garden. This can be downloaded from May 2011 to around October of 2012, giving a huge time window for all players to get a copy for themselves. The password is PGLDR34M, which stands for Pokemon Global Link Dream. Passwords for the Munna C-Gear were found in a special Unova Pokedex book on a certain page.

However, through the use of Google, the password was revealed, saving money for those who need it. The next C-Gear skin to be released was the Pikachu pattern, known as “Aim for the Top!”. As a matter of fact, it was released last week across the world. On July 7th, the Global Link announced they would release this exclusive skin’s password at Pokemon events, including the Pokemon National Championships, which is the trading card game tournament held annually. In all honesty, I think they should have provided a better password for this skin, since the design looks pretty cool. It’s a Pikachu pointing up towards the top of your touch screen, thus giving it its name. Anyway, don’t waste time looking up the password; it’s better if you just type in PikachuCGear.

Currently, I’m using this one, since I haven’t had the time to update the C-Gear with a new skin: Minccino. A week after the Pikachu skin’s release, Minccino’s pattern was released for worldwide download. Today, I found out it was released a few hours ago, and so I started scouring Google for a possible password. Unfortunately, I found a whole bunch of sarcastic forum comments saying that Minccino’s password would be MinccinoCGear, or something just as obvious as the last one. Serebii.net, plus some other sites, found out the password a few hours later, which was said to be hidden around Pokemon’s official website. The password follows something like Munna, but is less complex: PGLWELCOME. It is available for redemption up until next July. I think it’s a cute-looking skin that should be downloaded, regardless of if you want it or not. Remember, all C-Gear passwords are case-sensitive, and are available for a short amount of time. If you can’t see the nice background on your C-Gear, try customizing your C-Gear buttons by using the wrench and making all the tiles disappear. For example, for Munna’s C-Gear pattern, I lined up the tiles in a blank space between the flowers. For Pikachu, I have them lined up in a V right above Pikachu’s arm. Have fun being creative and trying to make your C-Gear look its best.


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