Pokemon Global Link – Game Sync

By Matt

The C-Gear features a section that says Online, which leads to Game Sync. When Pokemon Black and White came out, people were confused about what Game Sync would do. After connecting to Wi-Fi, there would be an error, because the Pokemon Global Link site was not finished yet. The earthquake in Japan caused even more difficulties, since the site said it had to reserve resources in order to run the site smoothly.

Finally, the site opened two weeks off of schedule, but it was still a milestone by opening up a huge site internationally, expanding the Pokemon franchise once again. Now that Game Sync worked, those with a Pokemon Trainer’s Club account could sign in and use their Game Sync ID to link between game and site. To get the Game Sync ID, you would have to connect to Wi-Fi after selecting Game Sync Settings in the main menu of your game.

Game Sync allows you to connect with the Global Link and update your accomplishments whenever you sync. The most basic change is in your profile, where time spent is updated, as well as people you’ve traded with that have made accounts. The Global Battle Union, or GBU, is also updated with your ranks in random matchups. Game Sync is most popular for connecting game and Dream World, which allows you to send berries to your game, and find Pokemon with different Abilities, both of which can be found by accessing the Entralink once you have used it. Every once in a while, the Global Link will announce an update or event, which one must use Game Sync in order to get it.

For example, an event was announced where one could befriend one of Eevee’s evolutions. You would have to play the game, pick one Eon, and wait for it to appear in Dream World. After, you could Game Sync and go to the Entrée Forest, where your Eon would be waiting for you. Unfortunately, for that event, all Eons were male, preventing Abilities from being cross-bred.

One contributing reason to this was to prevent Eevee fans from getting all the evolutions by trading across games or managing multiple games at once. Game Sync helps you keep in touch with your friends across the world, and by updating your information once in a while. This can be done only once a day, since you must select a Pokemon to tuck in, allowing you to access the Dream World. If you tried to access it more than once, it will say that Game Sync needs a day to recharge. Of course, you can still access the Global Link website, and it will tell you when you can tuck in another Pokemon and play the Dream World again.

Every now and then, an event will happen that will modify your game’s aesthetic appearance, such as the cover for the Pokedex, or a change in C-Gear skin. After you have received it, you can change the settings for the next Game Sync, in which it will tell you that your C-Gear Skin has been changed. Game Sync is very innovative, and foreshadows real-time updates in the future.


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