Pokemon Hydreigon

By Natalie K.

I am still leveling up my team, but the frontrunner right now is Hydreigon. I named him “Cuteasaur”. Dragon types, in general, are tough to train because of how much exp they require in order to level up. The Deino line in particular because he doesn’t evolve into his second evolution Zweilous until level 50, and not into Hydreigon until level 64. To put that in perspective, Gen 4’s “pseudo-legendary” dragon Gible evolves to Gabite at level 24, and Garchomp at 48.

Garchomp and Hydreigon both have base stat total of 600, both are very strong, very awesome Pokemon and no doubt would be incredibly valuable additions to any team. Garchomp, a Ground-Dragon type, is very fast with high physical attacks. Many of us curse Cynthia and her Garchomp, I know that Garchomp was the bane of my existence when I played Pearl. However, Pseudo-Legendary as he may be, Garchomp carries a 4x weakness to Ice, which is easily exploitable with the number of ice types increasing in newer gens.

Hydreigon is a little more well rounded and has the ability Levitate, making him immune to ground type attacks. Hydreigon has no 4x weaknesses like Garchomp does, but he is open to Fighting, Bug, Ice and other Dragon moves. In short, Hydreigon has more type weaknesses but they’re all 2x. Garchomp has a 4x weakness to Ice and a 2x weakness to Dragon.

Personally, my Pokemon team members are all my “Favorite” Pokemon in some way, I would never use a Pokemon just because its strong, or because its a powerhouse and awesome for a team. In this case, it is just a coincidence that Hydreigon is technically stats-wise totally awesome AND

Another reason I love Hydreigon is because it is just so cute. Deino’s flock of seagulls haircut is so endearing, and its blind. That is so cute and earns major pity points from me. The concept of it being blind and then finally in its third evolution able to see its trainer for the first time makes me love it even more.

Hydreigon is a strong an valuable addition to any team, no matter how you compose it. It is a strong all-around fighter with a pseudo-legendary status. Not to mention, it is hilariously cute to put Zweilous in the Pokemon Musical, because you can dress one head up like a girl and one head up like a boy. Hydreigon could possibly be banned from future video game tournaments just like Garchomp has been, but for playing in-game and online, it is an incredibly valuable addition to your team. Hydreigon may be predictable (“Oh of COURSE they have Hydreigon”) but with its immense power, there is not much your opponent can do.

Natalie K.

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