Pokemon Johto, Eighth Gym

By Anonymous

You have came a long way on your journey. Only one more badge left and you can challenge the Pokemon league in the Johto region! The last gym leader is the hardest and will give you a taste of what the Eilite Four will be like when you challenge them. The Elite Four are four skilled trainers you have to beat before you can challenge the champion of the Pokemon League. You are currently in Mahogany Town, and just beat Pryce. All you have to do now is go to Blackthorn City and face the final Johto gym leader! Upon arriving in Blackthron City, you should go to the nearest Pokemon Center and heal your team, and maybe get some Hyper Potions at the PokeMart, the last gym will always be tough.

Now let’s head to the gym. This gym is a dragon type gym. If you have an ice type it will help, and maybe an electric type due to some Gyarados. The gym leader’s name is Clair, she has four Pokemon. Let’s begin the battle. The first is a Gyarados at level thirty eight. Any electric type attack will help greatly in defeated this powerful Pokemon. If you successfully defeat the Gyarados the second Pokemon will be sent out. It is a Dragonair, at level thiry eight. It is a pure dragon type Pokemon, if you have an ice type or any Pokemon with an ice type attack, now will be a nice time to use it. It should be defeated eventually, you can never be too sure with dragon type Pokemon they are powerful. The third Pokemon Clair will send out is another level thirty eight Dragonair. This Dragonair is an exact clone of the other, the only difference is that this one knows Fire Blast, probably to take out the ice type Pokemon. This Dragonair may have to be defeated with another strategy unless you have something like a water type with Blizzard or Ice Beam.

If you defeat this Dragonair Clair will send out her last and strongest Pokemon, Kingdra. The Kingdra is at level forty one it holds a Sitrus Berry which will rstore some of its health if it’s health gets low. This Kingdra will be tough to defeat, but like most battles, you will find some way, you will eventually defeat the Kingdra. You won, however Clair refuses to give you the badge. So you have to go to the Dragon’s Den and speak with the elder. He will give you a short quiz, and afterwards he will tell Clair you deserve the badge. The badge is the Rising Badge, you now have all the Johto gym badges and can challenge the Pokemon League!

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