Pokemon Johto, Seventh Gym

By Anonymous

You have did a lot on the journey in the Johto region so far. The last two gyms were practically connected. Go to Cianwood and get the medicine. Oh look there’s a gym here. And now that you have the medicine you can challenge the next gym. Well the last two gyms in the Johto region don’t follow this pattern. They are independent cities not much connected. Anyway, from Olivine City go back to Ecruteak City. Keep going in the same general direction until you reach Mahogany Town.

There is a lot to do in Mahogany Town. First off let’s check out the Lake of Rage. When you get there, look out into the lake, what’s that? It’s a Gyarados for sure, but what’s wrong with it, it looks like a Magikarp. That is because this Gyarados is differently colored to be red. It is usually referred to as the Red Gyarados. Throughout the Pokemon community many people don’t call them differently colored, it is more so called a shiny Pokemon. Anyway, you should buy a Rage Candy Bar, I think regardless you will have to buy one. If this is your first time in Mahogany Town you will have to deal with Team Rocket. I believe the Team Rocket Hideout is in Mahogany Town, somewhere. But let’s get to the gym. This gym is an ice type gym. The gym leader’s name is Pryce, I believe he is the oldest gym leader to date, I could be wrong however. With that being said, let’s walk up to him and challenge him to a battle.

The very first Pokemon Pryce will send out is a Seel at level thirty. It knows Icy Wind, Rest, Hail, and Snore. Not much to worry about, if it uses Hail a small bit of damage will be inflicted every turn. Other then that, it should be pretty easy. The second Pokemon Pryce will send out is a Dewgong at level thirty two. It knows Aurora Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, and Ice Shard. Dewgong is the evolution of Seel so it should be a bit tougher to take down. Aurora Beam and Ice Shard are the only worries health wise for your Pokemon. But if it used Rest all of it’s health will be restored, however it will also be asleep for a while. It should eventually be defeated.

The last Pokemon Pryce will use is his strongest, Piloswine. Being his strongest this Piloswine is holding a Sitrus Berry which will restore some of it’s health. It is at level thirty four and knows Ice Fang, Mud Bomb, Blizzard, and Hail. Ice Fang will put up a fight, and if you brought a fire Pokemon thinking you can melt the ice and win, think again, Mud Bomb, a ground type attack, will harm your fire type. If you win you will get the Glacier Badge. Only one more badge to go!

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