Pokemon Kanto Region – Sixth Gym

By Anonymous

The sixth gym is in Saffron City, it is close to Celadon City. You just beat Koga and can head from Fuchsia City to Saffron City. Now Saffron City, like most of the other towns, has some other things you can do. Saffron City has a fighting dojo where you fight fighting type Pokemon trainers, if you beat them all you can get a Hitmonchan or a Hitmonlee. Saffron City is also home of Silph Co. Silph Co. invented almost everything you can get from Pokeballs to Potions. Team Rocket raids the place and you need to fight them off. You also meet you rival there and he challegnes you to a battle. There is someone in the building that is so grateful that you saved Silp Co. that he gives you the water type Pokemon Lapras. You must have no more then 5 Pokemon in your party when you receive the Lapras.

Once you make it to the final floor of Silp Co. you will meet the president. And I think the Team Rocket boss is there and you have to fight him first. After he leaves the Silp Co. president will give a Master Ball. As you should know, a Master Ball is a Pokeball that never fails. That’s just about it for Saffron City, now let’s head to the gym. In the gym there is a teleporting type of puzzle if I remember right. There are several platforms you can walk on and you teleport to a new room. If done correctly you’ll teleport into the room with the gym leader Sabrina. The main status condition you should worry about is confusion. Sabrina knows telekinesis and is a Psychic Pokemon Master.

You’re in for an intense battle! The first Pokemon she send out is a Kadabra, just be careful, psychic types usually have good special attack. Once the Kadabra is taken down she sends out a Mr. Mime. The Mr. Mime would probably go down fairly easily. Then she’ll send out a Venomoth you should be able to take it down with a fire Pokemon. The final Pokemon she has is her strongest, it is a level forty three Alakazam. This shold be hard to take down. If you happen to succeed you will get the Marsh Badge. Only two more gyms left and you can challenge the Kanto Pokemon League!

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