Pokemon Kanto Region – Second Gym

By Anonymous

The second gym you will find in the Kanto region is in Cerulean City. You just beat Brock the first gym leader in Pewter City and now your ready to fight the second gym leader! Not yet, you still have to get to Cerulean City. After you leave Pewter City you should find yourself arriving by a cave area pretty soon. This cave is known as Mount Moon. Mount Moon is a tricky place, a lot of trainers would want to challenge you and you might even run into a few Team Rocket grunts. Throughout Mount Moon you will find many Pokemon, mainly rock type or ground type. But you can also run into a Clefairy, the Clefairy’s home is Mount Moon so you might encounter a few in Mount Moon. Towards the end of Mount Moon, or I should say when your around the exit you will see two fossils. The Dome fossil and the Helix fossil I believe.

Choose one on your way out and start heading to Cerulean City! Now that your in Cerulean City your rival might appear to challenge you, it is about time don’t you think? The least battle you had was way back before you beat the first gym! Once you defeated him you should take a look around, the Nugget Briidge has lot of trainers you can challenge to help your Pokemon get stronger to fight the gym leader. If you successfully beat all of the trainers on Nugget Bridge you get a Nugget. A Nugget is an item that you can sell and get a lot of money. Bill the creator of the Pokemon Storage System in the Kanto region lives at the end of a patch east of the end of Nugget Bridge.

Well let’s get down to the second gym. It is a water type Pokemon gym. Meaning all the Pokemon you fight in the gym are water type. If you chose Charmander, it might have a bit of trouble. Water type Pokemon have an advantage over fire type Pokemon. You will fight a few trainers in the gym and then you can challenge the leader of the gym, Misty. Misty has a Staryu and a Starmie, Starmie is the evolution of Staryu as you would have guessed. Take out the Staryu as fast as you can because the strongest of Misty’s Pokemon is the Starmie. If you successfully beat Misty, you will be rewarded with the Cascade Badge. Now you have two badges and can head to Vermillion City, where the third gym in the Kanto region is waiting.

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