Pokemon Kanto Region – Third Gym

By Anonymous

You just beat the second gym in Cerulean City. Now it’s time to head for the third gym! The third gym is located in Vermillion City. There are a lot of sights you should see before you head straight to the gym. You need to remember that the gym leaders get stronger and you always need to be prepared. The first place I suggest you seeing in Vermillion City is the SS Anne. It’s a famous ship and its huge. You can fight a lot of trainers and that will help you get stronger. Just check every door in the ship in a handful of them there is a trainer that will battle you. About the time when your outside the captain’s door you will bump into your rival again. Your rival will challenge you. He got a lot stronger since last time so be prepared. If you successfully beat him you can enter the captain’s room.

In the captains room there is not much besides the steering wheel and the captain. Speak to the captain. He will give you the HM Cut. Cut will allow you to cut the tree blocking the entrance to the third gym. Once you leave the SS Anne the ship itself will be departing. Now you can head on over to the third gym. This gym is sat up fairly strange. There are trash cans or at least what looks like trash cans. And a switch in every one. You have to hit the three correct switches in the right order. That will unlock the door to the gym leader. The gym leader is Lt. Surge. He trains electric type Pokemon.

Just to mention, the third gym is an electric type gym. Lt. Surge will open the battle with a Voltorb, you should be able to take it down quickly. You probably wouldn’t have any problems with Lt. Surge unless you chose Squirtle, electric type Pokemon have an advantage over water type Pokemon. The second Pokemon he sends out is a Pikachu. The Pikachu should go down if you don’t let it take advantage over you. The final Pokemon and his strongest is a Raichu. The Raichu may take a while, but you can do it in the end if you keep trying. If you successfully beat him, Lt. Surge will give you the Thunder Badge. You have three badges now, the next gym is in Celadon City!

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