Pokemon Movie Synopsis & Review part 3 – Mewtwo Strikes Back

By TokoyamiTheDark

As the lights turns off, the Master is coming in a bright blue light and reveals itself to be… Mewtwo! Fergus gets irate and states that a Pokemon can’t be a Pokemon trainer. Mewtwo then uses its psychic powers to toss Fergus in the fountain. Fergus orders Gyarados to attack and use Hyper Beam, but Mewtwo deflects the attack back at Gyarados, who’s sent flying straight in the pool! Mewtwo then tells its assistant that it no longer needs her. The lady falls under Brock’s arms and turns out to be Nurse Joy!!! Mewtwo tells Brock how he abducted her a month ago, and for which purposes.

During this time, Team Rocket gets in a room that looks like a laboratory. There are three Pokemon in tubes that seems either dead or asleep. Jessie accidently sits on a button activating a video showing the cloning processus about Mewtwo. While they’re watching, pincers grabs Meowth and puts him on a rolling machine! Jessie and James manages to get Meowth out, but not before the machine takes a few hair out of Meowth’s tail. On a screen, the hair is show, transforming into a 3D render of Meowth, and, a moment later, the tubes get something new ; a new Meowth!!! Getting back to the tape, the Rockets watch everything getting destroyed in the past and the tape ends after.

Mewtwo states it wants to destroy humans because it claims it was born for the single purpose of being their slave. It also precises that Pokemon won’t be spared, either. Ash then gives a challenge to Mewtwo, who gladly accepts. The three Pokemon in the tubes, excluding Meowth, awake and gets out of the tubes to join their master. But they turns out to be clones of real Pokemon, and are much more stronger than the originals!

Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard are defeated without breaking a sweat, so Mewtwo claims its price for winning : all of the Pokemon in the palace! Balls that looks like black eyes begin snagging every Pokemon, even if they’re inside their PokeBalls! After a while, only Pikachu remains. Pikachu runs as fast as it can, unleashing lightning at the eye-looking PokeBalls, but soon get tired and falls off the stairs! Ash falls too, but Pikachu is finally caught in a ball and taken to the cloning laboratory with Ash chasing after it. Team Rocket looks at the DNA samples at the screen while Meowth watches the clones being sent into the tubes. He then says that he ‘owes a few of his tail’s hair’ for the Meowth clone.

Continued in Part 4…


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