The Benefits Of Trading Pokemon

By Matt

As Pokemon Trainers, we know that we can capture Pokemon. But something we’re not too accustomed to is trading Pokemon. Sure, we can just go catch one ourselves, but getting Pokemon from trades is an exciting thing and comes with a few hidden benefits. After you’ve completed a trade in the Global Trade Station (GTS or GTS Negotiations) you can use that Pokemon to your advantage in a number of ways.

The first significant benefit is the slight EXP gain the Pokemon will get. This happens all of the time, and helps in leveling up certain Pokemon that are game-specific, like Cottonee or Petilil. It may not have your OT or ID number on it, but it’s the fact that getting Pokemon that aren’t yours to acknowledge your friendship with them that makes trading worthwhile.

GeoNet, the globe in the Pokemon Center, will tell you the places where your trade partners live, if they’ve registered their location. In Castelia City, a man in a suit will ask if you’ve traded Pokemon. He is located in the top-left corner of the Pokemon Center, and what he does is check the number of different IDs you have. This also counts event Pokemon and imported Pokemon using Poke Transfer or Pal Park. Once he’s given you a number, he will also present you with some hold items: A Wide Lens for 5 different IDs, an Everstone for 10, a Zoom Lens for 20, a Choice Scarf for 30, a PP Max for 40, and a Master Ball for 50. Of course, that’s just an incentive to get you to trade, but who doesn’t want a good item like a Master Ball?

I must admit that getting a trade to work on GTS Negotiations is very tough, so using GTS and waiting for someone to accept your offer will suffice. Like I mentioned before, traded Pokemon will also have a positive impact on Trainers who want to breed. Pokemon that are traded have the ability to be more compatible and friendly with its breeding partner, and the Day-Care Man will tell you how well they’re getting along. Usually, Pokemon with different ID tags make good breeding partners, especially if you want to pass on their nature via an Everstone or an Individual Value (IV) through an EV training “Power” item (found in Gear Station). Pokemon that come from different regions in the world, or that are from a different language game increase the chances of breeding a Shiny Pokemon. This was revised to an even wider chance in Generation V, but the probability is around 1 in 1,300.

For those that want to complete the Pokedex, getting Pokemon to complete it may be a tough task, but it is said that something good will happen to those that manage to fill it completely. Actually, nothing happens; all you get is a pat on the back from the Professor, but it is a milestone event for the true Pokemon players.


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