Pokemon Normal Type Move Summaries Part 2

By Matt

I will be discussing Normal-type Pokemon moves. The entire list can be found at http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-bw/normal.shtml. This provides a complete list with PP, Base Power, Accuracy, and a complete description. When you click on the move, you can see more details, like which Pokemon can learn it. We now move on to Normal-type moves beginning with C and D.

First up is Camouflauge, which turns the user into a type depending on where you are battling. If you find a Pokemon in tall grass that uses this move, it will turn into a Grass-type. The same goes for caves and water: it will turn into a Rock or Ground-type, and Water-type, respectively.

Captivate will lower the target’s Special Attack two levels only if it is the opposite gender. I was quick to replace this move, as I saw it could not work on any Pokemon.

Charm, however, lowers Attack two levels, regardless of gender; I was able to use this move more freely.

Chip Away is an attack which is unaffected by stat changes, which is a relief if your opponent has been using Iron Defense, Amnesia, etc. Its base power is 70, and it is physical, so this would be a great move to keep. I thought it was a weak move initially, and so I held it in low regard, until I realized its special ability.

Comet Punch is another combo move (strikes 2-5 times) which is very weak and should be replaced with a stronger attack.

Constrict is like Bind; it keeps the target from escaping while doing minimal damage at the end of every turn.

Conversion and Conversion 2 are special moves that can only be learned by the Porygon family. The first one transforms Porygon into one of its move types. The second one turns it into a type that can defend against one it was attacked by. For example, if it was hit by a Water-type move, it would turn into a Grass, Water, or Dragon-type.

Copycat has the user take the move before it and use it. If this is the opening move, though, there will be no move to copy, and it will have no effect.

Covet is a basic attack that does some damage, but also steals the target’s hold item. This is great for stealing Berries or items that increase the power of certain moves.

Crush Claw is a somewhat stronger attack, which may also lower the target’s Defense, making it vulnerable to more physical moves like this one.

Crush Grip is a special physical move, because its power varies on the target’s HP: less HP means more power.

Cut is a weak physical move and also an HM move, so it must be given to a Pokemon to use.

Defense Curl simply raises Defense by one level.

Disable prevents the target’s last move from being used. Its accuracy is 100; I think it was changed, because I remember its accuracy being somewhere in the 50s.

Dizzy Punch is a physical attack that may leave its target confused. Very useful if the target’s Attack/Special Attack is very high, then they have a chance of hitting themselves and doing more damage (to themselves).

Double Hit is a combo move, but always hits twice; its power is 35 for each hit. I would suggest finding a better move than this one.

Double Team is a strategic move where the user increases its evasiveness by one level, making moves harder to land.

Double-edge is one of the strongest physical moves, but also comes with some recoil, so plan this one with caution.

Doubleslap is another weak combo move which should be replaced.

This ends the analysis of Normal-type moves beginning with C and D.


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