Pokemon Normal Type Move Summaries Part 6

By Matt

I will be discussing Normal-type Pokemon moves. The entire list can be found at http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-bw/normal.shtml. This provides a complete list with PP, Base Power, Accuracy, and a complete description. When you click on the move, you can see more details, like which Pokemon can learn it.

I’ll now be talking about Normal-type moves beginning with N, O, P, Q, U, V, and Y. The reason is because O, Q, U, V, and Y have only one move.

Natural Gift’s attack power depends on the hold item, which has to be a Berry. I wouldn’t advise using this move; Berries will almost always be consumed in battle, and I believe that if the user doesn’t have a berry, it can’t use this move.

Nature Power is a move completely dependent on what kind of terrain there is. The animation will change depending if you’re in water, tall grass, a cave, etc.

Odor Sleuth will make the chances of hitting a target 100% (unless they are going to use Fly, Dig, or Dive).

Pain Split is communism in action: the user splits the HP of itself and the target equally. This will be a great help when your Pokemon is about to faint.

Pay Day is a weak move, but it does help with getting Poke dollars. Only Meowth knows this move. At the end of a battle with a wild Pokemon, you will get some Poké dollars (maybe more if you use this attack repeatedly).

Perish Song is a great threat to get your opponent to switch out their Pokemon. In three turns, if the target (any Pokemon in vicinity) does not switch out, they will faint. If you’ve been having trouble with a particular Pokemon, you can save time by forcing it to switch and gang up on it later, if it’s the last one to fight.

Pound is a weak move, usually found after capturing low-level Pokémon. It’s a sensible idea to replace it when your Pokemon becomes stronger.

Present always reminds me of Delibird. That’s because it’s the only Pokemon to (naturally) know this move. Present will either damage the target, or heal it. In my Pokemon Soul Silver version, I taught it Fly, but I’m still having trouble trying to teach it other moves.

Protect will prevent the user from being hit by any attack. That’s because in battle, Protect will always move first. If this is used enough times, though (3 or 4), it might fail, leaving the user open for an attack, so if you feel lucky enough, use it to your heart’s content.

Psych Up is an attack where the user will take the same stat changes from the target and give them to itself. This means that lowered stats can also be copied, so be careful with who you use this move on.

Quick Attack’s description is strange. It says that it is sure to strike first, but Extremespeed and (Protect) goes before any other move. This is just another basic attack, but it always will go first, unless another Pokemon uses this move and has a higher Speed stat.

Uproar prevents sleep for three turns. Not only that, it uses the same move three times in a row. So if you don’t have any real strategy, use this 90-power move. I’m not sure if this will wake up sleeping Pokemon, though; I think it will.

Vicegrip has a power of 55 and is a physical attack. It can be used 30 times, so you can train your Pokemon while having to worry less about going back to the Pokemon Center.

Yawn will make the target fall asleep in two turns. This means they have two turns to switch out and avoid falling asleep, or attack twice, and then fall asleep. Avoid using this move on Pokemon that you know have sleep-related moves (Sleep Talk/Snore), like Snorlax.


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