Pokemon That Evolve Based on Happiness or Evolution Factors: Pokemon Happiness

Pokemon Evolution: Happiness

So you caught a Woobat, and you now want a Swoobat; or perhaps, you have an adorable Eevee you want to evolve into an intimidating Umbreon. Well it could be a good 40 levels of training until you realize that your Pokemon has shown no sign of evolution. Level after level, becoming letdown by each time you don’t hear that beautiful tune that signifies evolution. Now you are beginning to blame the Daycare man for dropping your Pokemon as an egg, thus hindering it from a normal development.

Don’t become frustrated at your Pokemon, because it isn’t evolving because it isn’t happy.

Though many Pokemon evolve at a set level by nature, Pokemon psychologists (if there were such a thing) would argue that the evolution of many Pokemon is influenced by nurture. That’s right, many Pokemon need to be happy to evolve and in some cases environmental factors that influence the evolution process. Happiness is a factor that effects a Pokemon’s behavior and ability to evolve. Also, there are many factors that influence a Pokemon’s happiness and allow them to reach their next evolution.

How do I Know How Happy my Pokemon Is?

You can learn what your Pokemon’s Happiness by visiting the largest city in each Pokemon game. The cities that measure your Pokemon’s Happiness are as followed: Verdanturf Town in Ruby & Saphire, Daisy in Pallet Town in Fire Red and Leaf Green, Goldenrod City in Soul Silver and Heart Gold, or the Pokemon fan club in Black & White

In Pokemon Platinum there is an app for the Poke’etch that shows a Pokemon’s happiness.

What is Base Happiness?

Pokemon’s happiness is measure on a scale of 0-250, this is called base happiness. Legendaries have a base happiness of 0, while many others have a base happiness of 35. However, most Pokemon have a base happiness of 70, but some have a base happiness of 90-140. Chansey, for example, has a base happiness of 140, so it would not take long to bring it’s base happiness up to 220 and evolve it into a Blissey.

Factors that Hinder Pokemon Happiness:

1.Fainting: If you let the Pokemon continuously lose in battle, it is likely to lose respect for you. After a while it’s happiness can decrease by -1 every time the Pokemon faints.

2.Use of Bitter Items: Giving the Pokemon a cheap and bitter medicine such as the Energy Root, Energy Powder, or Revival Herb which makes the Pokemon’s happiness decrease by -5 or even -20.

3.Trading: Trading a Pokemon causes it to revert back to it’s base happiness.

Factors that Help Pokemon Happiness:

1.Luxury Ball: Capturing a Pokemon in a Luxury Ball increases it’s happiness by 50% and is the quickest method of evolving a Pokemon that evolves at max happiness.

2.Walking: Walking with the Pokemon in your party increases it’s happiness by +1 every 256 steps.

3.Vitamins: Giving Pokemon vitamins like Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Protein, Carbos, HP up and PP up can raise a Pokemon’s happiness from as high as +5 points.

4.Leveling: Each time a Pokemon levels up it will receive up to +5 happiness points.

5.Give it a Haircut: In Soul Silver and Heart Gold, there are two brothers in Godenrod city that will groom your Pokemon and increase their happiness by a maximum 10 points.

6.Massage: In Pokemon Black & White Ribbon Syndicate will increase the max happiness, and in Platinum a person will give your Pokemon a massage in Veilstone City.

7.Soothe Bell: Having a Pokemon hold the Soothe Bell will increase it’s happiness gradually as you walk.

When Will My Pokemon Evolve?

Most Pokemon that evolve based on their happiness will evolve with a happiness value of 220 at their next level up. Many require other factors of their environment to evolve.

Environmental Factors of Happiness and Evolution

Many Pokemon require maximum happiness as well as a certain time to evolve. The Pokemon that require evolution at night or during the day are:

1.Umbreon: Max happiness at night

2.Espeon: Evolve Eevee at max happiness during the day.

3.Chimecho: Evolve Chingling with max happiness at night.

4.Roselia: Evolve Budew with max happiness during the daytime.

5.Lucario: Evolve Riolu with max happiness during the day.


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