Shining Pokemon Cards

By Anonymous

Shining Pokemon cards are only available in the Neo Destiny and Neo Revelation sets. There are ten shining cards in all. The shinings are Charizard, Tyranitar, Celebi, Gyarados, Magikarp, Noctowl, Steelix, Raichu, Kabutops, and Mewtwo. This set is also very difficult to complete like the gold star set. It is hard to pull them from packs and can get very expensive if you think of buying them. The shining cards are very unique compared to normal holographic pokemon cards. The shining pokemon in the card is not colorized, that specific pokemon is just pure silver holographic but that’s just in the Neo Destiny set. In the Neo Revelation set the shining Gyarados and Magikarp are just shiny looking. They are different colors like Pokemon gold star cards.

In Neo Destiny boxes the average pulls of shinings are 3 shinings per booster box. But if your lucky you may pull more. Shining pokemon cards are from really old sets but Nintendo decided to continue it but in a different way. Thats when Pokemon gold star cards were created. Gold stars were a continuation of shining pokemon cards. The most famous shining card is and will always will be the shining Charizard. It is more rare to pull than any other shining. The next most famous shining would be the shining tyranitar. It isn’t as expensive as the shining Charizard. But it can get up in high numbers. It can value from forty five dollars to one hundred dollars. The most common shinings to pull would be Steelix, Noctowl, and Kabutops. But any shining card is worth a pretty penny. Like Pokemon gold star cards these carry heavy value in the pokemon world. Shining Charizard can value from forty five dollars to one hundred and sixty five dollars. It can get pretty expensive but if you’re lucky enough to pull or get your hands on one then I advise you keep it. Since these shining cards are considered old school they are increasing in value, especially the more famous ones like the shining Charizard and the shining Tyranitar. Good luck with your shining cards!

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