Cyrus And Team Galactic

By Anonymous

I’m sure everyone who ever ventured in the Sinnoh region and actually succeeded to the Pokemon League encountered Cyrus, the boss of Team Galactic a couple of times. He is a weird guy, but intelligent and has some points, or does he? I’m not siding with Team Galactic, seeing that their a crime syndicate and all but if you listened in on what their goals are you would understand how terrifying the plan is. First off, a back-story of the boss, Cyrus. And then a look at the goals and the points Team Galactic has.

Cyrus grew up in Sunyshore City, which is filled with electricity and technology, of course. Sunyshore city even has an electric type Pokemon Gym. Cyrus is depicted by a lot of theories and a lot of direct hints, that he, in fact, has no emotion. No care for anyone else. Just a simple problem that in my opinion is what makes Team Galactic’s plans so evil. Anyway, to get back on topic, Cyrus preferred the company of technology more than that of humans. He would feel comfortable by himself, which is understandable, but this gets into the plans of Team Galactic. Cyrus believes that humans are incomplete, that the world is incomplete. Emotions are what stands in the way of humans achieving great goals. He demonstrates this because since he apparently doesn’t have emotions, or just hides them all the time. He completing the first step for Team Galactic, he got the Red Chain.

The Red Chain has the power to control and summon Dialga and Palkia, who can create a world. Team Galactic had to use their technology to capture Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. They are the Lake Trio, or at least commonly known as the Lake Trio. They extracted the Red Chain that the trio possesses. Cyrus then had to venture to the top of Mt. Coronet, which is Spear Pillar. Spear Pillar is where, in the Sinnoh region, is believed to be where the world started and was created.

Cyrus summons Dialga and Palkia using his Red Chain. He is going to use the powers of the chain to control Dialga and Palkia and shape his world. He said he accomplished all of this with his lack of emotion. However, he still has his grudge against people, which he says before the creation of his world. None of Team Galactic, or the admins, will get to be in this new world. It is for Cyrus, and Cyrus only! That is the end of humanity, Cyrus has his world. Good thing some trainers out their can stop him from this task. Team Galactic is a dangerous group, or at least their boss, Cyrus is.

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