Japan Pokemon Center Rainbow Rocket Pikachu Plushies and Leaders Pokemon Plush

As previously mentioned, the Pokemon Centers in Japan will be releasing 7 Rainbow Rocket Pikachu plushies on January 20th, 2018.

And more great news!!! The Pokemon Center will also be releasing each of the trainer Pokemon plushies as well.

Giovanni & Mewtwo (Team Rocket)

Maxie & Groudon (Team Magma)
Archie & Kyogre (Team Aqua)

Cyrus, Dialga & Palkia (Team Galactic)
Ghetsis, Reshiram & Zekrom (Team Plasma)

Lysandre, Xerneas & Yveltal (Team Flare)

Guzma & Golisopod (Team Skull)

These will be available on Pokevault on January 20th. These will surely be popular, so they will go fast. Lots more Rainbow Rocket merchandise will also be available.

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Cyrus And Team Galactic

By Anonymous

I’m sure everyone who ever ventured in the Sinnoh region and actually succeeded to the Pokemon League encountered Cyrus, the boss of Team Galactic a couple of times. He is a weird guy, but intelligent and has some points, or does he? I’m not siding with Team Galactic, seeing that their a crime syndicate and all but if you listened in on what their goals are you would understand how terrifying the plan is. First off, a back-story of the boss, Cyrus. And then a look at the goals and the points Team Galactic has.
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