Pokemon Weekly Events

By Matt

The amazing world of Pokemon holds not only events that can be repeated every day, but special events that occur once every week. The first event that happens is the Musharna occurrence in the Dreamyard on every Friday. By either avoiding or defeating all the Trainers in the room, you can proceed by going outside and finding another entrance to where Musharna is. It’s a free Pokemon with a Hidden Ability, saving you a visit to the Dream World. In this case, Musharna’s Ability is Telepathy, which proves very useful in Double Battles. It will prevent itself from being harmed by an ally’s attack, like Surf or Earthquake. Bring high-level Pokemon, since it is level 50.

The second event happens when you beat the game for the first time. If you go back to Professor Juniper’s Pokemon Lab, you can find Bianca, who has decided to be her assistant. Talk to her, and she will offer to battle you every Saturday evening. Her team is six Pokemon, which are around mid-60s level. Even if she won’t battle, she may offer you some pointers on how to catch or evolve Pokemon, or some other interesting fact about Pokemon.

The next weekly event happens in Castelia City. If you go to the street the right of the Pokemon Center, you can find the Casteliacone merchant with many customers. To get one, talk to the last person in line. You might be able to get a Casteliacone if you are lucky, but will have to wait again if they are sold out. One special note about this event is that Casteliacones are not available in the Winter.

Another weekly event happens in Anville Town. This isn’t accessible with Fly; you must go to Nimbasa City to get there. Go into the Gear Station and look for the train to Anville Town. After you cross the bridge, go to the bottom-right house. There will be a Depot Agent there who tells you that he finds occasional items lost in the Battle Subway. If you go every week, he has an item for you. This ranges from Vitamins to rare healing items, such as Max Revives and Full Restores, to Rare Candies. The amount he will give you is random, as well as what he gives you. But it will help with EV training, or save your Pokemon in a tight situation.

The last event also happens in Anville Town, but it’s a special event on the weekends. There will be more people crowded to see the trains, because it’s a weekend, but there will also be different kinds of people who will want to trade items. The first one is a Backpacker who will offer one Revive for two Escape Ropes. Another one is a male Clerk who will offer a PP Up for a Star Piece, which can be obtained by showing a Fighting-type Pokemon to the Challenger’s Rock every day.

Finally, the last one is a female Ace Trainer who offers one Full Restores for twenty Poke Balls. Most of these events are a steal, so if you have the time, take advantage of these opportunities.


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