Hoenn Region Pokemon Part 3

By Amanda

Latios is a dragon and psychic type legendary Pokemon, known as the Eon Pokemon, and known as Ratiosu in Japan.  It has strong attacks like dragonbreath, luster purge, and psychic.  It has a special power known as sight sharing, where Latias and anyone around her can see what Latios is seeing.  Latios is always male, and is extremely fast.  In the anime, in the Pokemon move 5, Ash befriends both Latias and Latios, helping Latias save Latios and Altomare from Annie and Oakley.  They plan to use a machine that uses Latios and the Soul Dew’s power to power the machine, and controlling the town and even the world.  In the end, Latios sacrifices itself to save the town, saying good-by to Latias, and becoming a Soul Dew.
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