Pokemon Episode summary : The Ghost Of Maiden Peak Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

A chilly wind is blowing, and, in an unexpected moment, the ghost of the woman then appears in front of Brock, saying she was waiting for him! Brock then gets happy to see her again, and chooses to follow her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are sleeping in their sleeping bags. The portable clock rings, and Meowth tells Jessie and James that it’s time to steal the painting, as it is midnight. However, the ghost of the maiden send a hypnotic wind, putting back Meowth and Jessie to sleep, but approaches James, and tells him that she waited so long for him, too.

When the sun rises, Brock is nowhere to be found. Ash then crosses paths with Jessie, who starts doing their dumb motto alone, since James is gone, too! Suddently, Brock and James appear, floating and babbling like morons. Pikachu thundershocks the two men, but in vain. They then think they maybe did ‘who knows what’ with the ghost of the Maiden, but the old hag tells the gang that they got possessed by the ghost of the girl. Each year, the spirit of the girl tries to seduce men, possess them and leave them possessed and acting like idiots. She then suggests the gang to buy anti-evil spirits stickers, and sticks them wherever they don’t want evil spirits to be.

So, when night falls for the second time. Ash and Misty sticks the stickers all over the shrine as well as on Brock and James! Then, the old lady warns them ; the soul of the maiden is back! The stickers get blown away by the strong winds, and James cries, wondering why the stickers are not working, and Jessie tells him they got them…for free. As the maiden beckons Brock and James to her, Jessie shoots at her with a bazooka, but it has no effect on her. The spirit then gets angry and summons ghastly skulls, scaring the whole gang. Ash uses his PokeDex and tries pointing it towards the skulls, but in vain, as the PokeDex does not recognizes the skulls as being Pokemon, but when Ash points it at the maiden, the PokeDex alerts that she is actually a Gastly!
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Made In Japan: Kanto Edition Part 3

By Factory White Head

Today we won’t be looking at your average animal-like Pokemon like last time. No, today we’ll talk about a leek-bearing duck, a ghost, dream-eating tapirs, and a tree that grows heads. Sound strange? You got it. Here’s the third installment of the Japanese Kanto series.

A really strange Pokemon is called Farfetch’d. It comes from the saying “Kamo ga negi wo shotte kuru,” translating to “a duck comes bearing green onions.” It roughly means “something surprising but convenient,” which Farfetch’d certainly is. It’s a duck carrying a green onion, which are both commonly used in stew. Who would have thought you’d find both of them together? It’s your lucky day!.. Or maybe it’s just something Farfetched, hence the name. Farfetch’d’s Japanese name is Kamonegi, which references the saying I mentioned earlier. This makes its name mean “Wild duck green onion”. To be honest, some of our English names are pretty odd—er, simple, so I guess this makes us even. I think I might Sawk the next guy who tries to Throh a punch at me.
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