Champion Alder (Pokemon Black And White Postgame)

By Matt

Alder is the Champion of Unova, and the last to beat before entering the Hall of Fame. He is waiting for you at the top of the stairs once you talk to the statue, which will take you downstairs. He says that he’s finally been waiting to determine the strongest Trainer of the Unova region, and the battle begins. This is your first battle with him, if you’ve just beaten the game. Because N interrupted with the Team Plasma affair, you didn’t have time to battle him and become the Champion. Now, you’ll see that his team is completely balanced with no specialty in any type whatsoever.

His first Pokemon is Accelgor, which is extremely fast. It can use Me First, so make sure you don’t use a move supereffective to your own type. Other than that, it utilizes Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, and Focus Blast, all of which are threats. I prefer to use Rock Slide, but if you can’t beat it in Speed, wait for an attack to miss. That’s when you can gain the upper hand.

Alder’s second Pokemon is Bouffalant, the Normal-type. Grass-types are a bad idea, since it has Sap Sipper and won’t take any damage from those kinds of attacks. It uses powerful moves, even though it’s slow; its defensive ability is above average and won’t be taken out easily. Most of the time, it will use the recoil move Head Charge, which could help by gradually chipping away at its HP.

Next is Druddigon, which is a pure Dragon-type, despite its wings. Its only strategy is to use Outrage; prepare yourself by using physical defenders. Then, try to use special moves, since it has Rough Skin, and damages physical attackers. It’s weak to Ice-based moves; I always use Ice Beam to take it out in one hit.

Alder’s fourth Pokemon is Escavalier, which is slow, but has tons of Defense. The good news is that it is weak to Fire-types, many of which are special. If you didn’t bring any, try using a Ground-type, since none of its moves are supereffective against them. Ground-type moves will do regular damage, but at least you can take it out in a few turns.
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Larvesta And Volcarona

By Jo

The creators of the fifth generation Pokemon coming from the Unova region seemed to make a point of introducing unique type combinations. Larvesta and its evolution, Volcarona, have the type combination of Bug/Fire that hasn’t ever been matched.

Larvesta is known as the Torch Pokemon and quite large for being the first stage of a bug-type evolutionary line. It has a furry, white head, five reddish orange horns, and a body that appears to be wrapped in some sort to tan colored cocoon. Out of all of the Pokemon that evolve by level, Larvesta evolves later than any other Pokemon that hasn’t yet evolved at least once. In the National Pokedex, Larvesta is the last Pokemon listed that eventually evolves. According to its Pokemon Black and White pokedex entries, Larvesta was believed to have been born from the sun. When it evolves, its entire body is engulfed in flames. It’s said that they make their homes at the base of volcanoes. They apparently shoot fire from their horns to repel attacking enemies. Larvesta may be based off from myths of firefly-like insects that were known to torch whatever they came in contact with and holds similarities to moth larva. Its name may come from the words ‘larva’ (a term for young insects that haven’t fully developed yet) and ‘Vesta’ (the Roman goddess for the hearth and home, who is symbolized by an eternally burning fire that is kept in her temple).

Once it reaches level 59, Larvesta finally evolves into Volcarona. Volcarona is known as the Sun Pokemon, and its wings do look very similar to depictions of the sun’s rays. Volcarona has a white and silver, furry body of a moth and vibrant orange wings that are speckled with black. It has the highest Special Attack of any bug-type Pokemon, and the highest base stat total of any non-legendary bug-type.
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