Pokemon In The Unova Region Part 3

By Amanda

Sewaddle, also known as Kurumiru in Japan, is a bug and grass type, and is known as the sewing Pokemon.  It has strong attacks like bug bite, razor leaf, and bug buzz, but it can only learn six moves through level up.  It can evolve into Kurumayu at level 20, and then evolve into Hahakomori when its trust is at its max.  It’s also one of Ash’s Pokemon in the Unova region that he caught.  Zuruggu is a dark and fighting type, and is also known as the shed skin Pokemon.  It has strong moves such as brick break, little by little, hi jump kick, and head smash.  It can evolve into Zuruzukin at level 39.  Zuruggu is also one of Ash’s Pokemon he got while in the Unova region, which was given to him as an egg, to say thanks.
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Pokemon Scraggy (Zuruggu) Lifesize Plushie

By Brian Grabow

At the Pokemon Centers in Japan, there is a new promotion campaign. It features the new character Scraggy. Scraggy is known in Japanese as Zuruggu. This new character is one of the generation V Pokemon characters. He looks similar to Croagunk, but is yellow. The Pokemon Centers in Japan have made some new merchandise featuring this character.

Scraggy lifesize plush toy

There is a lifesize plush Scraggy which is a staggering 23″ (58cm) tall. Its absolutely huge. Its the same size as the lifesize Tsutarja, Mijumaru and Pokabu that came out a while back. There is also a smaller  Scraggy plush toy (similar in size to a pokedoll, but slightly bigger), 5 different charms, a pen, eraser, clear files, a Scraggy shaped hat, 2 different straps, a pouch that is the shape of a plush Scraggy doll, 2 clear file folders, a tomy plush Scraggy, and more. Don’t wait. This is a limited time campaign, so it won’t be available for long. You can buy all these great items at Hardrock-Pokemon. These items are very popular and will sell out very fast, especially the lifesize Scraggy plushie.

The charms are very interesting. They come in an egg shaped plastic package and contain one charm. The charm inside is random, so you don’t know which one you will get.
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