The Infamous VileGar Deck

By Anonymous

Here is a very famous deck used in the trading card game by TCG players. The infamous VileGar deck. The VileGar deck consists of two main pokemon, Vileplume and Gengar. VileGar is a popular deck archetype in competitive Pokemon Trading Card Game play. The deck centers around the synergy between the Stormfront Gengar and the Undaunted Vileplume. Spiritomb from Arceus is used to set up, Gengar is used to attack, and Vileplume is used to keep a continuous Trainerlock on the opponent. The deck has placed well in numerous Battle Roads at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season.

Spiritomb is the deck’s ideal opening Pokemon. the deck opens with Spiritomb and gets Vileplume out quickly, the opponent can often be prevented from playing Trainer cards through the entirety of the game. Gastly also provides a good start when Spiritomb is not available, since it can also prevent the opponent from playing Trainer cards with its Pitch Dark attack. The deck utilizes a combination of drawing effects, such as Uxie, Unown R, and Professor Oak’s New Theory, and searching effects, such as Bebe’s Search and Pokemon Collector, to get out at least one Vileplume and Gengar as soon as possible. Gengar is the deck’s main attacker. Its synergy with Vileplume stems from its Poltergeist attack, which is for a psychic and normal energy, it does 30 damage for each Trainer, Supporter, and Stadium card in the opponent’s hand.

The ideal deck consists of three rare Gengars, three uncommon Haunters, four common Gastlys, two rare Vileplumes, two uncommon Glooms, two common Oddishes, four rare Spiritombs, 2 rare Uxies, one uncommon Unown Q, three uncommon Unown R’s, four uncommon Bebe’s Search supporters, four uncommon Pokemon Collector supporters, four uncommon Professor Oak’s New Theory supporters, two uncommon Looker’s Investigation supporters, one uncommon Palmer’s Contribution supporter, two uncommon Rare Candy trainers, one uncommon Luxury Ball trainer, two uncommon Pokemon Communication trainers, three uncommon Broken Time Space stadiums, four uncommon call energies, and six psychic energies. So there’s tips on using the VileGar deck in the Pokemon trading card game! Good luck!

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