The Mystery Of Karrablast And Shelmet

By Matt

Generation V features two new Pokemon to be obtained through trading: Accelgor and Escavalier. These Pokemon are the evolution of Shelmet and Karrablast, respectively. Let’s cover the basics: both are Bug-type, and apparently spit poison, according to the Pokedex. Karrablast are said to attack Shelmet, according to Pokemon Black. Both Pokedex say in a different way that Karrablast and Shelmet have some sort of reaction when exposed to an electrical energy. Indirectly, it states that something unusual but extraordinary happens when they trade. Remember that when trading, either through Wi-Fi or InfraRed, Pokemon are transported through a Poke Ball in an electric circuit connected to the Pokemon Global Trade Station (Wi-Fi) or the electric energy of the InfraRed connection. This is enough to trigger the evolution of both when the other player receives it. But instead of evolving to something that suits their outer appearance, something else happens. Karrablast, which has no outer handicaps, evolves into Escavalier, which is bound with armor.

Shelmet, which takes the form of a snail, evolves into Accelgor, which looks like it has no shell at all. This phenomenon is still unknown, but it provides more ways to stun the audience with a mystery such as this. Escavalier’s description is that it is a Cavalry Pokemon, and that it flies around charging at its enemies. In White Version, it says that it evolves wearing the shell of a Shelmet. This is true, since Escavalier’s outer appearance has taken that of a Shelmet. Plus, its base Speed has decreased to a pitiful 20. So even though it flies around, it is quite slow, but makes up for it with good defensive capabilities.

Let’s talk about Accelgor now. It looks like a snail, but without its shell. The Pokedex describes that it covers itself with membrane so that it will not dry out. It also says that it has removed its shell, and has remarkable speed. Its Speed is at polar ends with Escavalier, being a dangerously high 145. From this trade, we have learned that through a small choice of Pokemon such as Karrablast and Shelmet, a different outcome has resulted. Escavalier has inherited Shelmet’s shell, while Accelgor has nothing to prevent it from moving quickly. I thought that this was a great idea to be implemented into the game, and more unprecedented outcomes should result from trading.

Although I have no idea what may happen in the future, Pokemon may be created that have different results from trading, like a change in its outer appearance. I sure hope that in future games, Pokemon will be more unique than it already is, by having new innovations in the game, and mysteries yet to be solved, like this one. Who knows, in the TV shows, a scientist may find the answer to why the shell of Shelmet is switched when trading.


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