Johto Eevee Evolution

By Amanda

In Johto, Eevee can evolve into two different pokemon depending on how they are raised.  If you train Eevee during the day, it’ll evolve into Espeon, but if you train it at night, it’ll evolve into Umbreon.  Espeon is a psychic type, while Umbreon is a dark type, and both have advantages and weaknesses.  Espeon is weak to dark, ghost, and bug types, but is strong against fighting and poison types.  Umbreon is weak to fighting and bug types, but is strong to psychic and ghost types.  With Espeon’s stats, its special attack, special defense, and speed is high compared to it’s other stats.  Umbreon however, it’s highest stats are its HP, defense, and special defense.

Both Umbreon and Espeon are very popular compared to the other eevee evolution’s, in both games, and merchandise.  From cards, to figures, to plushies, they are one of the top sellers from around the world.  To some, Umbreon is one of the best dark types ever, and some think Umbreon is number one from all the other Eevee evolution’s, and the same goes to Espeon.  Both Espeon and Umbreon have also stared in the anime on more then one episode, and  even had a cameo in the pokemon movies.  And in the anime, there are a few characters that have Umbreon and Espeon as one of their pokemon.  Gary, and Dawn’s mother owns an Umbreon, while Annie from pokemon movie five, and Sakura had an Espeon.  Their are other people in the anime and the movies that also had these two pokemon, as well as in the games too.  In all, they are both awesome pokemon to have, and like all other pokemon, are fun to raise in games to become one of your top partners ever.

Though Umbreon and Espeon are very popular, they are also hard to collect.  Unlike the games, which getting a Eevee is easy, it becomes fun to most collectors to get their hands on all the Japanese and English cards made since pokemon started.  Some of the promo cards, as well as the Japanese Espeon and Umbreon star cards are very hard to get.  Though the English star cards are easier to find, is only because they aren’t holo, and the Japanese cards are worth more then the English cards.  The older or rarer the card, the harder it is to get for most, since the rare cards like the star cards, can sell over eight hundred dollars!  Even getting figures, Pokemon charms and plushies are becoming hard to find to some who never got the chance to get when they came out.  Luckily lots of sellers do have some, but are at a much higher price then before, but that’s because stores are no longer selling them now.  One reason why when they are available, they sell out fast, which the reason is that they are very popular.

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