Pokemon EVs – In-Depth Explanation

By Matt

When I first started EV training, I was too impatient to realize that EVs will build up over time, giving higher values as your Pokemon levels up. The base stat will be a factor in developing maximized IVs (Individual Values). When you defeat a wild Pokemon, you will get EXP points, and also (not recorded) Effort Values (EVs). I’ve already explained this in past articles; the Pokemon will give invisible EVs based on its best stats (i.e. Buizel will give out Speed EVs). Also, like I said before, EVs are not recorded, so you have to keep track with a piece of paper. Certain items, like the Macho Brace, will double these EVs, and make it easier for your Pokemon to increase a certain stat.

Now, we will move on to strategic EV training. There is a maximum of 510 EVs that you can have. 4 EVs will equal one point in change (for that stat). The maximum EVs for one stat can be 255, which will definitely help out in battles. Vitamins will give out 10 EVs for each consumed, which will count as 100. Now here’s where it breaks up: you can either go for an equal stat increase for your Pokemon, or go all-out and maximize two of its stats. This can be for its weaknesses, strengths, or any you feel is right.

Let’s start with an equal stat increase. Since we have 510 EVs, divide that by 6, which would be 85. That’s a 21-point increase for all your stats, making you stronger in each stat. Using Bulbapedia or Serebii to locate Pokemon that give out certain EVs will definitely make your life easier than experimenting. There’s a whole other way you could strengthen you: by using an IV calculator. An IV calculator will help determine your Pokemon stats at any level you want, given its current stats and level. With a little bit of tweaking, you can make your Pokemon’s stats all equal; but if it’s not in your battle strategy (i.e. using Power Trick), it’s not recommended to do this. What many decide to do is target a certain area where the Pokemon is strongest.

Here’s an example. If we take a Quilava, its strongest points are Special Attack and Speed. Now, we’ll give it 10 Calcium for Special Attack and 10 Carbos for Speed. This will give it 100 EVs for both, making its total amount 200. To make Vitamins the most useful, use it when you have bred your Pokemon and it is level 1. The only thing left to do is give it 155 EVs in those stats. Since it is level 1, your Cyndaquil will be very weak and will most likely be OHKO’d. The EXP Share will give EXP as well as EVs to the holder. When your Quilava is way faster than the Pokemon you are EV training on, use the Macho Brace to save time. Turning off Battle Animations will be a time-saver (don’t forget pressing A rapidly). Are you still with me? Good luck with making your Pokemon strong, and remember to enjoy battling once you’re finished!


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