Hoenn Region Pokemon Part 2

By Amanda

Wurmple is a bug type, known as the worm Pokemon, and known as Kemusso in Japan.  It can only learn two moves through level up, being poison sting, and bug bite.  It has two evolution chains, depending on the time it evolves.  If it evolves during the day, it will evolve into Silcoon at level 7, and then into Beautifly at level 10.  If Wurmple evolves at night, it will evolve into Cascoon at level 7, and then into Dustox at level 10.  In the anime, May caught a Wurmple, as well as Jessie, who both wanted a Beautifly.  But later on, May’s Wurmple evolved into Silcoon while Jessie’s evolved into Cascoon, but Jessie would argue to everyone that Cascoon was Silcoon.  Soon both May’s Silcoon and Jessie’s Cascoon evolved around the same time, and Jessie finds out that she got a Dustox instead of a Beautifly, but was soon excited that she got a Dustox.
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