Unova – Accumula Town

By Matt

In the Unova region, Accumula Town is the first town you will encounter. If you can remember from the first few minutes you spent playing, you, Bianca and Cheren caught their first Pokemon in Route 1. There was also a small contest to catch Pokemon if you can remember that precisely. When you walked up to Accumula Town, you would see Team Plasma for the first time announcing their plan to make a better world by having all Trainers release their Pokemon.

The basics of the game are also covered in this town. Professor Juniper teaches you how to use the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon, and the functions of the Poke Mart. As part of the storyline, when you walk outside the Pokemon Center, you will meet N for the first time. He is still a vague character who claims he has the ability to see the bond between you and your Pokemon. It’s a very short battle that can be easily won if you have some backup Pokemon you caught in Route 1.

To the south of Accumula Town is Route 1 as well as your home, Nuvema Town. The west is a gate; follow it and after a few patches of grass, you will reach Striaton City, where you can find and battle the first Gym Leaders in Unova. Like Viridian City or Cherrygrove City, this town can be considered a warm-up town because of little Trainer challenges and its lack of activity. Each of the buildings feature people who will tell you some rookie tips, which are unnecessary for the Pokemon veterans. Also, everyone you talk to will either mention how relaxed and at ease they feel or some more Trainer tips; this town hides, unlike most Unova towns. On the topic of aesthetics, you will notice that there is a soft music in the area, which can only be disturbed by riding your Bicycle.

Like Castelia City, you can alter the music, but not entirely. The first time I entered the house, I didn’t realize that the theme had been altered. It is located north of the Pokemon Center on a hill. Once you go inside, you will find a girl pianist and a guy drummer. You can ask them to play their instrument if you want a slight change in the soft tones of the theme. If you talk to them again, it will say that they are concentrating on their performance. You will soon find that the theme has changed, adding his or her instrument. I haven’t tried this, but if you exit and return to Accumula Town, the theme might be reverted, allowing you to mix with the instruments a little. Regardless of the lack of activity here, Accumula Town is a great place to wind down if one is a real Trainer.

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