A Teenager’s View On Cinccino

By Matt

Pokemon White Version has currently been bringing me a lot of surprises, especially with Minccino. Since I have limited knowledge of the fifth Generation Pokemon, I do not know which Pokemon evolve and which do not. In the Japanese versions of Pokemon, Cinccino is referred to as Chillaccino, which sounds like a type of coffee. Cinccino is a Scarf Pokemon because of the scarves that it appears to be wearing. Of course, it’s not a scarf, maybe just fur.

In the game, I have yet to evolve a Minccino into Cinccino. As a guy, I find Cinccino one of the few Pokemon that are really, really hot (serious). I find Cinccino sort of strange; this is one of the few Pokemon (maybe even the only one) that undergoes a one-letter name change. But I still love them, no matter what its name is; I can always just rename it. I find Cinccino so hot that I could talk all day about it, but explaining more about it would be a better choice for the audience (sighs of relief). Cinccino has a capability to learn more moves through TMs.

One move I definitely would want it to learn is Thunderbolt (or Thunder, since I have the TM with me). Even though it is a special attack, I find it versatile, so it can strike even the most stalwart of enemies. Facade is another move I would like it to learn. Even though its base power is 70, it doubles if it is under a status condition (poisoned, paralyzed, or burned), which means it will turn to 140. This is almost the equivalent of Hyper Beam or Giga Impact without having to waste a turn resting, plus it can be used 20 times, compared to 5. Currently, my Minccino’s move set is Hyper Voice, Wake-Up Slap, Dig, and Last Resort.

Last Resort is a great move, since it will only work if all the other moves have been used, which are all attacking moves. If, by some miracle, my Minccino can last 4 turns, Last Resort (power 140) can do a monumental amount of damage. It’s a shame, though, that Minccino and Cinccino are very weak in defense. This is strange, because Normal-types usually have average defense.

Pokemon that are more extreme on Attack or Special Attack, like Psychic- or Fighting-types have weak defense. Now that I have finished lecturing, I can talk about how hot it is (groans from audience). I actually drew a Cinccino on a birthday card for one of my friends, and got many people to sign it today. Currently, I have 12 signatures, giving me two more days for signatures (her birthday is on March 17th, what luck!). It’s fun receiving compliments from people, like, “Did you draw that?” and “It’s so cute!” Of course, I take all the credit, since I stayed up really late the previous night drawing it, and end up going through a day at high school sleep-deprived because of it. I guess you can say that Cinccino is one in a million!

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