How to Collect Pokemon Figurines

By Jill/Redterror117

Since having escalated in popularity worldwide, the Pokemon franchaise has been able to produce many different sorts of products. From games, to shows, to cards, and even toys, there are all different kinds of items that can be sought and collected as a hobby. Apart from one of the more obvious collectables (being Pokemon cards), Pokemon figurines are another easily collectable item, the majority of which are produced by a company called ‘Tomy’. However like any collectable there are always guidelines that should be followed, in order to make the process easy to follow.

First of all, devise a method for how you decide to go about purchasing the figurines. It’s one thing to decide that you want to collect them all, but with over 500 different Pokemon out there, it makes the entire collecting process a bit overwhelming. Try breaking the collection into chunks, such as collection according to region (perhaps start on the first 151 Pokemon first, then work on the Johto Pokemon next, then Hoenn, etc.). This will make it easier to track progress. Another key thing to do before getting started is to make a list of all the Pokemon you’re going to collect, and update it regularly. This will help to prevent picking up doubles of a Pokemon figurine by mistake. You also need to determine which ‘generation’ of figures you want to collect, as the original set of Pokemon produced by Tomy are of higher quality, yet are on the pricy side (online they can sometimes go for $4-6 a piece if still in packaging). The more recently produced figures are easily more affordable to a beginner, yet are not of the best quality. It’s up to the collector to decide which they want to go for.

Depending on where you end up buying the figurines from may affect how easy or hard the challenge of collecting can be. Some toy stores only carry the most recent figures from the fifth generation, making the Pokemon from earlier games a bit more difficult to find. If you’re lucky you may live near a store dedicated to everything anime and manga as I do, where individual figures can be purchased for fairly cheap (at $0.75 Canadian apiece for the new non-fifth-gen figures). When purchasing online however it is buyer beware, but because the new Tomy figures are produced in China, the red flag of buying in China and Hong Kong is not as big of a deal versus something like plushies, and is normally the more affordable way to go. If you do decide to purchase from somewhere like eBay, make sure to do this prior to buying in a store, as many sellers offer lots of multiple assorted figures. By buying these lots first to start your set, you can reduce the chances of obtaining doubles of any figures. Sometimes a quick browse on online local ads or yard sales can reveal some of the older, harder to find figurines.

To add to the fun, try collection Pokemon figures with a friend. This way you can work together with them to complete your sets, and both trade and discuss new figures and good finds.


Pokemon Collection (Part 2) – Figures

By Brandon Yeo

Action figures are probably the most common thing you would see at a toys shop (for kids?). But there is nothing childish about collecting them, so the next time someone points out you’re too old for collecting figures, tell them otherwise. This would be especially applicable to me since I started collecting figures very late, at about 16. I’ve told you why I collect plushies and now let me do the same for figures. Figures, unlike plushies can’t be hugged, but what I treasure most from it is the beautiful displays that lighten up your room. This of course comes with good arrangement, but that aside, it gives bragger rights too.

For Pokemon Figures, there are all sorts, from Tomy MCs to Bandai Kids and clipping figures to Jakks Figures. But not everything is common and they’re usually in limited production, thus giving it much value.

I personally love the Tomy MC figures as they seem very much realistic and portray each Pokemon in a unique way. This is in clear contrast to the Bandai Kids in which they’re pretty much of the same size. The rubbery feel in contrast to the plastic for the Tomy MCs make the Tomys seem all the more well-made (possibly accounting for the large difference in prices). For those who are still new to collecting figures or hasn’t done so, let this be a call to you to start. The satisfaction you get from getting a highly sought after figure and placing it in a beautiful transparent display is priceless. For example, I recently bought the Reshiram 2011 Lotto figure from Y!J although I haven’t received it yet, there is still that satisfaction, which will probably be expounded when I do see it in person.

Apart from Tomy MCs, I do collect DX Kids as well as Pokemon Zukan, which is another one of my favourites. Similar to the Tomy figures, Zukans also depict each and every Pokemon in a realistic way and what’s better than an entire evolution on the same base? Although in some cases the 1/40 size of each zukan might make them sort of out of shape or with poorer workmanship, they still are very much pleasing to the eye. Specifically is the diorama that comes with each set. It usually consists of Basic Pokemon (Meaning unevolved ones) in a natural setting, allowing them to blend in and creating a harmonious atmosphere. I currently only have two of these since they’re quite pricey but I’ll definitely be looking for more in the short-term.
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Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Figures

By Emily

Tomy figures are almost synonymous with Pokemon – they’re one of the longest running series of Pokemon merchandise. Ever since the days of Red, Blue, and Green we’ve had these small plastic figures, and almost every character has one. People from the first era of Pokemon can usually recall the somewhat white-washed figures that usually came with the little Gameboy laucher or clear plastic Masterball. But now, over fifteen years since the original debut of the series, Takara Tomy has introduced many variants to these toys, and continues to do so with the fifth generation.

Only Zorua and Zoroark have currently been made as movie-exclusive clear figures. These figures are somewhat rare and only available at movie theaters while the movie was being aired. With the newest movies coming to theaters soon, Victini along with many other Pokemon will likely have a clear version of their normal figure made.
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