Pokemon Black & White Tour

By Joey DiGiacomo

When I first heard that there would be a tour for the new games and cards coming out my excitement went up, and changed my view entirely about the new series. I am lucky enough to live in Ohio, so we were the first stop on the mall tour. Now I will go in to the best part, the details and my personal experience.

When you first walk in to the mall you will go to the in formation booth, that is where you can get movie tickets and information. The movie you will see is Zoroark: Master of Illusions. I will not give my personal rating, but it does bring back Pokemon memories. I do not want to spoil it for you and just say what you get for free, but there is a good amount of free items.
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Pokemon Black & White Game Review

By Joey DiGiacomo

Moderate graphics, exciting game play, and new Pokemon… all things that describe the Pokemon Black & White game. Now if you are one of the many people like me that have already played Black & White you should be as astonished as me. The fact that I got the games in Japanese that is a personal high point, but when you get down to the game you see the exciting features.

First, you have to look at the best feature, new Pokemon. The new Pokemon have many words to describe them, cute, small, large, and most of them are very powerful. We are all familiar with the “Legendary Pokemon,” and this game does not lack them. Since I do not want to give anything to big away, I will just say that there is one legendary for each game.
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The Two Great Ground Pokemon of Generation Five

By Emily

Note: this contains spoilers, which some people may not like.

Pokemon Black and White have definitely improved the difficulty of Pokemon battles, and going in unprepared is a very bad idea. Especially with your final battle against N and Ghetsis. The legendary dragon N controls and many of the Pokemon on Ghetsis’ team are incredibly strong and can easily destroy an entire team of Pokemon.

However, two ground type Pokemon stand out as being near-essential in helping you win. Excadrill for Black and Krookodile for White are possibly the best Pokemon you can use in the two final battles of the main story.
Excadrill is very useful in Pokemon Black because it has immunity to Zekrom’s strongest attack, Cross Thunder. Excadrill has a very high attack stat and can learn both Earthquake and Drill Run, which will be able to faint Zekrom in only one or two attacks. Because Excadrill can learn both X-scissor and Brick Break, it will also be useful against Ghetsis’ strongest Pokemon, Hydreigon.
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Tricks For Finding Hacked Pokemon

By Emily

Being a diehard shiny Pokemon fan and collector, I always like getting new shiny Pokemon from trades. However, I get very frustrated when, after checking a full box of shiny Pokemon, I find out that half of those Pokemon are hacked. Sometimes trading for the hacked Pokemon could have been avoided had I been more vigilant and looked at the most obvious signs of a hacked Pokemon. Many telltale signs exist that should be red flags, even for a novice collector.

The date and place met. Shiny Suicunes should never come from Hoenn, shiny Lugias should never be met on Route 202, and a Charizard should never, ever be captured in a Master Ball. This is very basic, but sometimes it’s useful for finding poorly hacked Pokemon. Dates that Pokemon were captured should also be looked at, especially if you get multiple Pokemon from the same person. Usually someone trading a lot of shiny Pokemon that were caught within a day or two of each other is a pretty suspicious sign.
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Recommended Pokemon Games You Should Buy

By Anonymous

Lately have you heard about the new Pokemon DS games coming out? There are two of them and they are called Black and White. They are going to come out on March 6, 2011. The legendary Pokemon you get in the Black version is called Reshiram. The legendary Pokemon you get in the White version is called Zekrom. At GameStop these games cost $34.99 each. If you like Pokemon cards and you get packs wishing for Lv.X’s, EX’s, or Prime’s you don’t have to do that anymore. You just can get a tin. They always come with at least one Lv.X, EX or Prime and you get to choose!

I think for the Pokemon plushes you should get Pokemon Center plushes because they are made officially by Nintendo. For the DS games in between Heart gold and Soul silver I would recommend getting Soul silver. I would recommend getting Soul silver because Ho-oh is a stronger character (at least I think) and you get to catch him at Lv.70. And in between Platinum, Diamond and Pearl I would recommend getting Platinum. I would recommend getting Platinum because it is more updated than Diamond and Pearl.
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Pokemon Black & White

By Amanda

Pokemon Black and White is one of  the best game ever, where everything is new!  Though catching and raising pokemon is the same, theirs new ways to catch them, and the story is much bigger then before.  Now getting badges is not the only thing important to do, but also to stop Team Plasma who wants to free all pokemon from Trainers.

New ways to find pokemon are when in the grass, sometimes one will shake, and if you go into it, you will find rare pokemon!  When on water, you may see a bubble, and when you swim to it, you will also see rare pokemon, and if your in a cave, you may see a dust ball, and not only could you find pokemon, but you may also find items as well.  When on a bridge, you will occasionally see a shadow, and not only will you find pokemon going under it, but you could also find item wings that can raise your stats Evs a little.  And now theres another type of grass you can go in, if its darker, you will sometimes battle two wild pokemon at a time, but be careful that you wont be able to catch  two pokemon at a time, so you will have to defeat one to catch one.
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The Pokemon Rarity Factor

By Leonie Herson

As the Pokemon craze continues with the eventual release of the Black and White versions for the US, it seems that rare Pokemon from all generations are becoming a more common sight. Events which enable us to receive rare Pokemon are continuously appearing, mainly as special promotions. For most gamers, this makes their quest to catch them all much easier. For example, take a look at the alternate color, or shiny Pokemon. Prior to Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, for a collector to catch a shiny Pokemon was seen as a novelty as the chance of finding one was (and still is) 1/8192. To put this in perspective: you would have to run into 8192 pidgeys to find one shiny, and even then there is no definite chance that on the 8193rd go the next pidgey would be shiny. It was purely based on luck, and lots of it.
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New 5th generation Pokemon character Victini for your Nintendo DS

By Masa Nakamura

It was just announced on the Japanese Pokemon Sunday TV show that there will be a new Pokemon character. It’s name is Victini. This can be pronounced “bikutini”, “vikutini” or “victini”, depending on how you translate it. This very cute little critter looks like a little tan and orange mouse, but has big eyes and ears and has kind of a wild look to it. He or she is also giving the victory sign which is where its name Victini comes from. Victini is one of the new Legendary Pokemon characters. It is a phantom Pokemon which is similar to Mew, Jirachi, Manaphy, Celebi & Shaymin. It is listed as #000 in the Isshu Dex. It is not in the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo DS Black and White games that will hit the shelfs on September 18, 2010, but can be downloaded separately.
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