Pokemon Darkrai And Shaymin

By Anonymous


Darkrai is a dark type Pokemon, you can tell just by it’s name. Dark and Darkrai. Darkrai is used a lot in legendary battle. Darkrai is a Pokemon on that contains a lot of speed and special attack. He is one of the final Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Number 491 I believe in the National Pokedex, in the Sinnoh section of it. Darkrai has had a lot of news. You could have received him at Toy’s R Us for your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl games. He would have two special attacks known as Spacial Rend, a move usually only used by Palkia. And he also has Roar of Time, which is an attack that is usually used by only Dialga. That attack has to be recharged afterwards. The reason he has these attacks is because in the tenth Pokemon movie. The Rise of Darkrai.

Dialga and Palkia are Pokemon known as the starts aside form Darkrai in this movie. They have the signature attacks given to Darkrai in the event giveaway to commemorate Dialga and Palkia in the movie. This movie involves Darkrai defending Almamos Town and mainly the garden in Alamos Town from being destroyed by a fight in Space-Time by Dialga and Palkia. You can also get Darkrai form the Membership Card. This card allows you to go to Newmoon Isalnd and capture Darkrai. This is by going to a house in Canalave City, it is a house that is locked unless you go to the event to do it. The event was only for a short time and you could down the Membership pass to your Pokemon Platinum version, receive it at your local Pokemart, and go to Canalave City and challenge Darkrai!

There are words from a voice at the end of the battle on New Moon island. People believe this voice to be the voice of Arceus, who is also believed to be the one who put Darkrai on the island. It is a pretty cool story. Darkrai is a favorite Pokemon among most people, what about you? Is Darkrai one of your favorite Pokemon?


There are many legendary Pokemon, not as much as there are regular Pokemon. One of these Pokemon is known as Shaymin. Shaymin is a grass type legendary Pokemon. Shaymin has no gender but is usually viewed as a female. Shaymin is a rare legendary to obtain. Shaymin was given out over TRU or Toy’s R Us. This was a special level fifty Shaymin that had some special attacks and was in a Cherish Ball with a Classic Ribbon. Shaymin was also given out over WiFi as a Key Item. Or I should say a Key Item was given out to get a Shaymin.
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Pokemon Global Link – Interactions With Other Players

By Matt

The Global Link has quite a few ways in which you can communicate with other players. In order to keep everything clean, though, sending direct messages through text is not possible. That means even a single message with free-floating words cannot go through, since any message with vulgarities or insults won’t suit the peacefulness and serenity of the Pokemon environment. How you want to communicate depends on who you want to talk to.

In your profile page of the Global Link, there are your Trade Pals next to your Pal Pad friends who have also made a Global Link account. Next to their icon symbolizing their relation to you, there is a button that says, “Send E-Z Mail”. E-Z Mail is a feature where you can pick a prearranged message and insert your own words into it, which are also provided. The selection is kind of limited, which explains why people don’t use it too much, especially between strangers, like Trade Pals.

The other way of indirect communication appears through the Dream World. It is very tough to find your Friends or Trade Pals, since there are about 1 million accounts made in the Global Link. Finding them is slim to none; the odds are even worse than finding a Shiny legendary Pokemon without hacking. But it’s a good thing to make use of what you have; whoever you can find will make a good friend as long as they are active players. By helping them with their world, they can be notified of it and help you with yours, thus making things easier for you and lessening the times you have to go back on. For example, you can help water someone’s Berry garden if it’s becoming dry and earn a few Dream Points on the side, which can help unlock new maps or Pokemon found in there. If there’s a Berry that’s been eluding you, you can check from people anywhere around the world, since in the Dream World Map, there is always a house of one random person with a different Share Shelf each time; they will also be notified if you trade items with them. One more interaction with others is by visiting their house.

You can also see the kinds of Dream World Furniture people place in their houses. In Japan, some items are released early, like the Unova starter Pokedolls, so you can prepare yourself for them. When you enter their house, your Pokemon will leave a mark (if they have a footprint) on the other player’s Footprint Mat. The most recent footprints will show on the Footprint Mat, while all people that have visited can be archived in the “See More” section. If you keep running around, doing favors for everyone, you’re sure to get favors returned, and be sure to add people as your Dream Pals periodically. They can help on a daily basis, and you never know when you will need that help for more Berries or a different item.


Review Of Pokemon Black And White

By TokoyamiTheDark

Pokemon Black and White are the newest trend in the Pokemon franchise and the games are just as great as the other generations. There are a few things I really like about this game, but we’ll talk about that later. The game begins with Professor Juniper giving a gift to you, Bianca and Cheren. The gift are the 5th Generation starters ; Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon, Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokemon and Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokemon. Bianca always takes the starter who’s weak to yours while Cheren takes the one who has an advantage over yours. If you want to know the rest, then buy the games! As I said earlier, there are things I really like about the 5th Generation, and here’s a few of those things I’m delighted to have in Black and White :

– No Safari Zone : These areas are so annoying, you can’t even send your Pokemon to battle them. However, it has been completely removed from Black and White, making filling the Pokedex easier and with more fun.

– Critical Capture : Another new thing added to the 5th Gen is a mechanic called the Critical Capture. This is really helpful, exept if the Pokemon has a low catch rate. If the catch rate is 45 of below, it WILL break free of the ball, no matter what. However, there have been reports of Critical Captures still failing on Pokemon with the easiest catch rate, HP in red zone and affected by a status ailment on websites like YouTube. It CAN happen, as it happened to me once with a Whismur in the White Forest, but you really need to be unlucky for this to happen.

– Re-usable TMs and HMs : THIS is probably the best thing ever added in Black and White. In any other generations, TMs disappears once you use them, but in Black and White, they can be used indefinitely!!! No more worries of teaching a TM to the wrong Pokemon, as you can use it over and over again. It’s like if they have been converted into HMs, but moves are still erasale without the Move Deleter, unlike HMs.

– Dream World : A new online feature that happens not on the Nintendo DS, but rather on the Internet! This new feature requires an account, however, but it’s really easy and fast to create one. You can get items, befriend a Pokemon with a different ability than usual, play games, download C-Gear skins and more!

Pokemon Black and White are games that any audiences may enjoy, as they are fun, challenging, complex, and the game also change along with the seasons, where two Pokemon, Deerling and Sawsbuck, changes form when the seasons changes. I bought the White Version the same day it was released, but I first imported the Black version from Japan so I could get a taste of what’s the new generation of Pokemon. Well, have fun playing these games!!!


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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series Review

By TokoyamiTheDark

I was really disappointed when I first received Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Blue Rescue Team along with a Nintendo DS Lite, because those games are too tough, even for a hardcore player. Simply, what I am talking about? First off, these games were not made by Nintendo, but by a third-party company named ChunSoft. There are various reasons why I loathe the series so much, and I thought I would share my thoughts with you. So, here we go.

– Difficulty at the beginning of the game : Hard to believe, but the game’s very tough, even on the beginning when you’ve got to rescue a Caterpie, then a Magnemite. Face it; Magnemite’s rescue is so tough, because if any of you or your partner gets KOed, you get nothing but a big, fat GAME OVER screen, lose ALL items, ALL money and ALL EXP. Gained!!! What the … !? I couldn’t bypass this level without cheating, by the way… And let’s not even get started on Monster Houses…

– No selection of Starters : In any Pokemon game, you get to choose which Pokemon you wanna use, but in the Rescue Team games, ChunSoft decided to do it in ‘their’ manner, a stupid quiz about yourself. And they even ask you to be ‘honest’. If you are honest, you’ll wind up with the same Pokemon forever and ever after finishing the quiz. There are guides to help you to have the right starter, though.

– No evolutions : Sadly, there’s no way of making Pokemon evolve in those games, and even recruiting an evolved Pokemon won’t make it stronger than its pre evolved form. For example, a Graveler and a Geodude will have the same stats. Really. This has to be the MOST disappointing thing in those games, but there’s still something even worse…

– Recruiting Pokemon : Very tough to do, as you must leave the dungeon with the newly recruited Pokemon along with you, No fainting, no Escape Orbs! This is really annoying when you’re in a dungeon with many floors, like the 99 floors ones. But the most annoying of all is Kecleon, in which you must steal from his shop to recruit it. But, you only have a chance of 1 of 1000 to recruit one! And since they’re so powerful, you’d be mostly killed before even recruiting one! It’s been almost six years, and I still haven’t recruited any Kecleon. My opinion is, that the recruit is actually impossible, as all videos shown were people cheating with Game Sharks, Action Replays and such cheating devices. For me, the way to obtain them is obvious ; cheat.

Those Pokemon games are so bad, they goes into the same category as games like Mario Is Missing (where Luigi is called ‘Weegee’) or Mario’s Time Machine (Mario’s called ‘Malleo’), made by Phillips in 1993. Well, I really don’t like those games, and that’s my opinion about them. I’d rather play REAL Pokemon games than spin-offs, since they are most likely unrelated to the main series…



Pokemon Global Link – Eevee’s Evolutions Event

By Matt

The Pokemon Global Link has featured one event that allows you to get a new Pokemon. This is the only one so far, so expect more to come in the future. Starting in around April, the Global Link had launched a promotion for the dedicated players who signed up when it opened. The event started around April, and ended May 19th, 2011. Specifically, the game that had to be played in order to obtain the Pokemon ended on that date.

It was very exclusive, seeing as the time to encounter it in the Dream World was about one month later, and one couldn’t play the game once the event ended. The game was called “To Befriend a Pokemon”, and its concept was very simple. Like a few games on the Pokemon Trainer Zone site, this game’s build was similar to that of Brick Breaker. The objective is simply to break the tiles with the ball provided. You can control a small platform at the bottom to let the ball bounce of when it reached the bottom. Once all the tiles from a certain stage are cleared, one can proceed to the next stage; this process continues to the last stage, which is the fifth.

Instead of just a plain game of Brick Breaker, there were a couple of modifications to the simple concept of just watching a ball bounce of surfaces. Like many alterations to the spin-offs today, there is a Pokemon-themed twist to this game. My memory of this game has faded, since it is a very exclusive game, but I’ll do my best to remember everything. Along with the tiles came spheres that were colored with a certain element. The element is restricted to a certain element of any one of Eevee’s evolutions: Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, and Ice.

When you hit it, you would get extra points. The hidden mechanic here is that the most spheres you hit will get you that element of Eevee’s evolution, so keep that in mind. Each stage doesn’t feature every element; the first stages feature the Kanto evolutions, followed by the Johto evolutions, and, finally, the Sinnoh evolutions. And the game could be played with multiple times in order to get the evolution you wanted. Some might be thinking it isn’t a big deal, but these evolutions are extremely rare in that they have the featured Hidden Ability for their species. Plus, they are male, and if you know a lot about breeding, it means that their Ability can not be passed on. Once you send them via Entralink, you will find them at level 10 in the Entrée Forest. Their nature is completely random, but their moves are basic, much like a newly hatched Eevee. You can catch it at a 100% rate with any ball, so you could make it themed if you want to. I’m looking forward to much more exclusive Pokemon releases in the future.


Pokemon Power Points

By Anonymous

Are you familiar with a Pokemon game? Now something like Pokemon Battle Revolution, something more like Pokemon Heartgold or Pokemon Soulsilver version. Now, do you know how to do a Pokemon battle? It is when to Pokemon battle each other to prove who is stronger, if a Pokemon beats another, the winner gains experience points which will allow the Pokemon to level up and can then become stronger. It is great, for the Pokemon and for training the Pokemon.

How do Pokemon attack? Pokemon attack using moves, they can’t just use the same move five hundred times during a battle though. Each move has a special and unique limit to how many times it can be used. These are used in a number system, these numbers are called power points. Power points can also be abbreviated as PP, which is what the games do. An attack like Dialga’s exclusive and signature attack, Roar of Time, it only has five power points. On the game it will show up as Roar of Time 5 PP. Meaning Dialga can only use the attack Roar of Time five times, when it has been used five times it will show up as Roar of Time 0 PP.

After that Dialga will need to use another attack such as Metal Claw. When it runs out of power points for that attack is will to say Metal Claw 0 PP. And so on until all four attack say this. What happens when all the moves run out of power points? Well, the Pokemon is then unable to attack, so it will have to use something called Struggle. Struggle is an attack that really doesn’t have a type. It isn’t like Roar of Time which is a dragon type move or Metal Claw which is a steel type Pokemon move. Struggle also has no limit to power points. If it is possible you can use Struggle five hundred times! The only thing is that Struggle attack the foe, but it also takes damage to the user known as recoil damage.

When a Pokemon uses an attack like Take Down, or even Struggle for that moment, it will lose some of it’s on health, known as health points (HP). If it uses Struggle just a few times it will lose all of it’s health points, you will need to keep reviving your Pokemon with a Hyper Potion or something of that nature in order to restore the health points. Ethers and Elixirs can be used to restore power points. It is very important to keep a well balanced set of power points in Pokemon battling.

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Pokemon Video Games

By Anonymous

Are you familiar with the Pokemon games? These games are among the most popular of all things Pokemon. Everyone uses them and really tends to enjoy them. You can start as a new, rookie trainer and slowly gain your experience and can challenge the Pokemon League. You start out in you Hometown which will depend on which version of the game you got. If you got a game like Pokemon Firered version or Pokemon Leafrgreen version, you will start in Pallet Town. If you got a game like Pokemon Heartgold version or Pokemon Soulsilver version, you will start out in New Bark Town. If you got a game like Pokemon Ruby version, Pokemon Sapphire version or Pokemon Emerald version you will start out in Littleroot Town. If you get a game like Pokemon Diamond version, Pokemon Pearl version or Pokemon Platinum version you will start out in Twinleaf Town.

The regions you can start in are Kanto, Johto, Hoeen and Sinnoh respectively as the towns are listed. Once you start your journey you will need to get your start Pokemon so you can travel. You have to get your starter Pokemon from the local Pokemon Professor. Professor Oak in the Kanto region, Professor Elm in the Johto region, Professor Birch in the Hoenn region, and Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh region. You can get your start Pokemon in the town you start in, this is fact for only the first three regions though. In the Sinnoh region, Professor Rowan’s Lab is in Sandgem Town which is the neighboring town to Twinleaf Town.

Once you begin your journey with your start you may catch and battle Pokemon. You can also trade Pokemon with friends and play online, it is really fun and quite addictive. Your goal is to gather the eight badges of whatever region you start in and challenge the Pokemon League to become the champion so you can become a Pokemon Master. The Professor asks you to complete the Pokedex which is quite hard now, but can still be done. There are more games, but these are the most recent one’s and are considered the main series. What is you favorite Pokemon game?

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The Past, Present, And Uncertain Future: Analysis Of Version Differences In Black & White

By forest_snivy

One of the many things that makes Black and White versions stand out from its predecessors are their large amounts of version differences. Because of this, answering the typical “which version should I get?” question is not so easy. Like every version before them, some Pokemon are exclusive to either Black or White versions—but there is so much more to each version, which creates interesting similarities and contrasts as stark as black and white.

Another simple example of differences between Black and White versions is that in Black, there are more Rotation battles, which are one-on-one fights in which a trainer can switch between three different Pokemon without taking up a turn. White version, however, includes more Triple battles—3-on-3 fights similar to Double battles.

A more major difference between the two games lies in Unova itself—Opelucid City; and Black City and White Forest. Black version places an emphasis on more “modern” qualities, such as vast, expanding cities with enormous skyscrapers and the latest technology; while White version showcases more “traditional” ideas in the form of an old-styled town and an underdeveloped, natural forest. These differences can be likened to Ruby and Sapphire’s Team Magma and Team Aqua difference, as only one team is villainous in each game. But unlike Ruby and Sapphire, Black and White’s emphasis and contrast between modern expansion and old traditions expands deeply, adding a whole new layer of depth to the storyline present in Black and White.

If you combine the version-exclusive Pokemon with the “version-exclusive” emphasis on either modern-day growth or traditional simplicity, you end up with the two “mascot” Pokemon: Reshiram and Zekrom. To an old fan of the series, the decision to make Reshiram as Black version’s cover Pokemon, and Zekrom as White version’s, may seem a bit odd at first; traditionally, the cover Pokemon is a similar color or shade of the color, metal, or gem of the game’s title. Reshiram, despite gracing the cover of Black version, is white in color, while the black Zekrom strongly rests on the cover of White version. There is actually an economic reason for this: if a person has not heard of a certain game, but is, for example, looking through a store for something to buy, they will naturally be attracted to games with more appealing covers. Now imagine walking through a store and seeing…a white game cover. Or a black game cover. No contrast, nothing interesting to catch anyone’s eye. A black Pokemon on a black cover does not seem like such a good idea anymore, now does it?

But is that really the only reason why Game Freak made the decision to have Reshiram and Zekrom put on their respective version box art, to maximize on profit? Actually, that plays only a small role in their decision. In order to fully understand why, we must look at what Reshiram and Zekrom truly represent.
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Pokemon WiFi Events

By: Brian Hsieh

With the release and end of Carita’s Hydreigon and Janta’s Golurk events in Japan, one should wonder about events hitting America or other countries. Heartgold and Soulsilver received many events, but soon began to slow down fast between events. With Black and White, other countries have received just the Victini event while Japan has received five others. Japan has also received far more Heartgold/Soulsilver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum events than the other countries. There are currently no events in other countries at the moment so it could be wise to at least release the ones we didn’t receive now but that seems doubtful.

I understand that it is a Japanese game first before it gets translated and ported to America, Europe, and other countries, but the length between each event causes fans to lose interest before any of the other Pokemon arrive to complete their Pokedex. A great example of this is the Celebi event. At level 50, Celebi takes the player back in time in order to see the argument between Silver and his father, Giovanni. This is an important and new development in the storyline as we have all guessed of Silver’s origins especially when hinted in the Pokemon Adventures manga, but to actually play it is something different. You even got a chance to battle Giovanni, one of the strongest gym leaders. Once fans knew of this event, they patiently waited for it to be released in the states. Unfortunately, other subpar events were released and by the time Celebi hit the WiFi scene, players Pokemon were far beyond 50 and could easily defeat Giovanni’s Pokemon, which were laughable compared to the likes of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four. Maybe this event was meant to be played a little before entering Kanto, but that does not make up for the fact that Giovanni has only four Pokemon that aren’t as powerful as the current Kanto Gym Leaders. Considering the fact that Giovanni disbanded Team Rocket to train for three years to only have his Pokemon under leveled compared to his actual Red/Blue/Green gym battle is inexcusable (with Nidoqueen actually leveled down for some reason).

This situation is unfortunately happening with Pokemon Black and White as well. Pokemon like Genesect, Meloetta, and Keldeo must be captured through a WiFi event. There’s a long pause since the Victini event in other countries, which should be filled to keep interest in the Pokemon games. What’s worse is that Japan hasn’t released these events in their own country. I’m not sure what the delay is, but I’ve only touched my DS to finish the Celebi event and am currently waiting for the other events to surface. I hope this long delay won’t cause players to overlook the events when they eventually arise. I’m unaware of the length it took between events for Diamond and Pearl, but from the time I bought Heartgold, the events were pouring in right after another ended.
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Pokemon Red Review

By Jack Snell

Pokemon Red and Blue (Green in Japan) were the games that started the behemoth Pokemon franchise. An intensely addictive pair of games built around catching and growing 150 different creatures and having them to do battle for fortune and glory. One of the most notable things about these two games is that they are essentially the same game, but with different encounter sets. In other words, if you wanted to catch all 150 Pokemon without having to resort to cheating or exploiting glitches, you would need to buy both versions, Red and Blue, and trade the exclusive Pokemon between each game. This was a genius marketing strategy that allowed Nintendo to almost double its sales, and it’s now become a tradition in the franchise.

The games begin in Palett town, where the player meets Professor Oak and receives his first Pokemon, either a Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. From here the player embarks on a journey around the region of Kanto to defeat all eight Gym Leaders to win the eight badges required to enter the Pokemon League and take on the Elite Four and the Champion. Along the way you will capture a variety of Pokemon and raise a team that will be your main fighting force. After reaching a certain point in their training, certain Pokemon will evolve into greater, more powerful forms with increased stats and access to better moves.

The overall effect is addictive, all the while unrewarding in the end. Essentially, once you’ve beaten the Elite Four and the Champion, all the challenge is removed from the game. The only thing left is to pit your team against your friend’s team, although this isn’t something everyone can do, I know I certainly wasn’t able to do it very often in my youth. Later Pokemon games do a lot more to increase the replayability. That’s not to say there’s not a lot to do in Red and Blue, but once it’s done, it’s done and only a new game can make it fun and interesting again.

One thing I would especially like to point out is that Pokemon Red and Blue do have a certain charm to their map design and story progression that later games don’t have. You tend to revisit old places a lot more on the normal path of your journey without much backtracking and there’s usually something interesting to see or do upon your return visit that you couldn’t do before. There’s a greater conservation of detail, I guess you could say, that adds a great deal to the overall appeal of the games.

These are two genre definining games that command your attention during the time you are playing them. The story is compelling, you’ll feel the sense of caring or and raising your own Pokemon more than any other version of the game, and there are even some emotional moments, the Cubone mourning over its deceased mother comes to mind.
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