Dreams By The Yard Full! Summary and Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the 6th episode of Pokemon Black and White. The episode picks right up from where we left off. Things are looking bad for Ash and Oshawott, but together they orchestrate a stunning comeback victory. Ash earns his first Unova Gym Badge—the Trio Badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is doing some reconnaissance work at the Dreamyard. Their involvement results in the emitting of a pink aura. Ash gives his Pokemon to Nurse Joy and is being interviewed by Cilan, when Iris comes rushing in with her Axew glowing pink. Dr. Fennel runs into the Pokemon Center and her Munna eats Axew’s dreams.

A state of crisis is declared over the city and Officer Jenny takes Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Dr. Fennel to the Dreamyard to investigate the disturbance. They arrive on the scene only to find that Team Rocket is up to no good. Team Rocket attempts to kidnap Musharna, but Pikachu and Munna are able to thwart their plans. The energy that was sending Pokemon asleep was stopped. Ash and Iris are ready to head out when Cilan decides to join them.

I’m happy to see that Ash did indeed prevail with Oshawott and earn his Trio Badge. Oshawott thought quickly and used his seashell to deflect the Solarbeam away. I thought Cilan was being a jerk when he started to berate Ash and his Oshawott because they didn’t have enough “spice” and such. The usage of Water Gun to retrieve the seashell was clever. The showdown between Oshawott’s Razor Shell and Pansage’s Bite was a very cool scene. I’m now starting to think of Oshawott as a water type Cubone. So Cilan actually turns out to be a cool guy; all three brothers are graceful winners and losers.

So we’re seeing a lot of Team Rocket and have yet to see any signs of Team Plasma. I like their disguises and glasses. I like round glasses. Anyways, we get to see Audino in this episode. I guess Audino does for Unova what Chansey did for Kanto. Iris is all worried about her sleeping Axew, but I loved the part where Munna eats Axew’s dream and shows it to everybody. Axew looks really happy in the dream and it proceeds to evolve into Fraxure and again into Haxorus.
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Triple Leaders, Team Threats! Summary and Review


Hi guys! I’m going to summarize and review the 5th episode of Pokemon Black and White. You won’t want to miss this one! Ash and Iris finally arrive in Striaton City. Ash is eager to challenge the Striaton gym leader, but doesn’t know where to go. Our heroes run into Cilan, a Pokemon Connoisseur. Cilan agrees to take Ash and Iris to the Striaton City Gym. When they get inside, the place looks like a restaurant. The gym is actually behind the restaurant and the gym leaders are actually the three waiters, Cilan, Cress, and Chili.

Ash is given a choice to battle a brother but boldly asks to battle all three. They agree and the first battle is between Ash’s Tepig and Chili’s Pansear. Next up is Ash’s Pikachu against Cress’s Panpour. After two exciting Pokemon battles, Ash must face Cilan for the Striaton City Gym Badge. It is up to Oshawott to beat Cilan and his Pansage. The battle is fierce and the episode ends with Ash’s Pokemon not looking too well, but without a conclusion. Meanwhile, Team Rocket reports to Giovanni and receives orders for the latest scheme.

Finally, we are treated to a gym battle. I’m glad Ash wasn’t hungry. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was growing impatient for a Pokemon gym battle. Kudos to the writer for making Ash challenge all 3 brothers. Speaking of Cilan, Cress, and Chili, I wonder what hair color their parents have. Oh, and what’s up with the cheerleaders/fangirls hanging out in the restaurant? It brings back memories of the cheerleaders that were following Gary around. Is it just me, or is Iris looking awfully adoringly at something (watch her expression right before the battle is about to begin)?
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The Battle Club And Tepig’s Choice Summary And Review


Hey guys! I’m going to summarize and review the 4th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash and Iris are continuing on their journey to Striaton City, but make a stop at Accumula Town. Ash is disappointed because there isn’t a Pokemon gym there, but quickly cheers up when Iris tells him of the Pokemon Battle Club. Upon entering the gym, a battle between Servine and Dewott is underway. Servine is knocked out and that is when the owner, Don George, welcomes our heroes. Ash is challenged by the Dewott’s trainer, but they are unable to finish their match due to a break-in.

Don George and the others take a look at the security tapes, to find that a mysterious black and thin Pokemon and Team Rocket were in the storage. Everyone thinks that the mysterious Pokemon is an Umbreon, and they are excited to find it. Team Rocket eavesdrops and paints up Meowth to look like Umbreon to distract the Battle Club members. Meanwhile, Ash and Iris make a trail of Pokemon food to lure the mysterious culprit. Ash spots a Tepig and discovers that it is the mysterious Pokemon. While Ash is in pursuit of Tepig, Pikachu and Oshawott get into a small scuffle.

Ash finally catches up to Tepig and explains the story to everyone else. Things are finally going back to normal when Team Rocket is spotted stealing Ash’s Pikachu. Although Tepig was abandoned by his former trainer, he is determined to prove himself and saves Pikachu from the clutches of Team Rocket. The episode ends with Tepig joining Ash.
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A Sandile Gusher Of A Change! Summary And Review


Hey guys! This is a review for the 3rd episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash and Iris are on their way to Striaton City to challenge the gym leader. They begin to argue and are interrupted by the same Oshawott that rescued them in the previous episode. Oshawott wants to join Ash, but it turns out he is one of the starter Pokemon from Professor Juniper’s laboratory. Ash and Iris go to a nearby computer where they communicate with Juniper who wholeheartedly agrees to let Ash take Oshawott. While sending Oshawott’s Pokeball, Professor Juniper warns that Oshawott likes to wander off. The party turns around only to find that Oshawott has disappeared.

The heroes set off to find the lost Pokemon, when they fall into a pit trap. A young local boy named Dan helps them out and explains a situation with local Sandile that has made his parents close down their resort. The resort is popular because of its sand baths. Ash is curious and decides to take one himself and Pikachu and Axew join him. Ash discovers Oshawott nearby taking a sand bath, when a Sandile attacks the group. Amongst all the confusion, Team Rocket captures Sandile, Pikachum, and Oshawott, but is thwarted by Sandile’s friends. The episode reveals that the Sandile are actually trying to keep people and Pokemon away from dangerous geysers. Trouble brews when some Pokemon are trapped by the erupting geysers, but Ash, Oshawott, and the Sandiles save the day.
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In The Shadow Of Zekrom! Summary And Review


Hey guys. I decided to check out the Pokemon anime by watching the first episode of the new Black and White season. I watched most of the original Kanto series and some of the Johto long time ago, but haven’t caught an episode until now. This episode introduces Ash Ketchum as he sets out with his mother and Professor Oak to the Unova region. As soon as they arrive, Ash’s number one buddy Pikachu is ambushed by Team Rocket. Shortly after, a mysterious dark cloud forms and reveals Zekrom. Zekrom unleashes lightning and Pikachu seems to behave like an electrical conductor.

The thunderstorm clears and everything and everyone seems fine. Professor Juniper, a Pokemon professor of Unova, appears and gives Ash and his party a ride to her research lab. On the way, we are treated to scenes of Unova Pokemon. At the lab, Professor Juniper runs some tests on Pikachu. While Pikachu is busy with some tests, Ash explores the rest of the lab. He runs into Trip, a brand new trainer, and watches him choose a starter Pokemon. Ash and Trip strike up a conversation and one thing leads to another and they have a Pokemon battle. The episode ends with Zekrom returning over the laboratory, leaving an ominous tone.

When the narrator introduced Ash as a 10-year old boy, I was intrigued and thought the new Pokemon Black and White series would be a reboot of the anime. However, we do see Pikachu and very early into the episode we realize it’s a continuation indeed. Am I the only one that thinks that it’s strange that Ash is 10 years old? I believe Black and White is the 14th season. My, oh my, young Ash has lived a very exciting life! I really would have enjoyed seeing an older Ash. It would be cool to see him pursue romantic interests and become more mature as he continues his quest to become the Pokemon Master.
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Pikachu’s Vacation Synopsis & Review Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

After losing the race, Squitle and Bulbasaur are in a bad mood. A somewhat worried Pikachu still tries to make peace, but as usual, no one is listening. Raichu looses electricity from its cheeks, scaring Togepi who beings to cry out of fear. Pikachu then comes to protect it, but get zapped in the tail! The gang start laughing at Pikachu , but now, Pikachu is angry, and, with Raichu, they begin doing a mad cheek to cheek race all around the Pokemon Plaza, paying no attention at all to their surroundings. They run and break a bush labyrinth while running straight.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sent out their Pokemon, too, and just as Meowth was going to fall asleep, the two electric mice send Arbok, Weezing and Meowth in the air! They also hit Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan the same way and they both got knocked out with a ‘Ding, ding, ding!’ sound.

Charizard is then seen snoring loudly, with its tail on the road. Uh-oh… Pikachu and Raichu still runs fast and step on Charizard’s tail, waking it up with an intense rage! The large dragon soon get in front of the electric mice and blast then away with its powerful wings. They land on a Snorlax, and also get crushed by it. Charizard starts flying without looking where it goes, destrop a part of the park and get its head stuck in a pretend igloo! Meowth tells Charizard to be quiet, but get burned instead! A rope is tied around Charizard’s leg, and everyone starts pulling as mush as they can. But even with all their strength, they aren’t enough strong and get carried away when Charizard stomps the ground with the leg with the rope. Marril, Snubbull, Raichu and Cubone watch and laugh while Charizard is crying.
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Pikachu’s Vacation Synopsis & Review Part 1

By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash, Misty and Brock decides to give their Pokemon a day without battling ; a summer vacation! As they arrive at the Pokemon Plaza, Ash asks Pikachu to take care of Togepi, and Pikachu agrees. After the instoduction, Pikachu is hopping while all other Pokemon run like crazy towards the park and games making Pikachu dizzy. Not to mention Psyduck stepping on it just for fun. Behind Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Psyduck sees Togepi who’s soon going to cry out of hunger. Pikachu and Squirtle do their best to do silly faces and funny jokes to make Togepi happy… but that doesn’t work. Depressed, Squirtle walks away and sees an apple on a tree, and calls Bulbasaur to cut it with its Razor Leaf. The apple lands in front of Psyduck, who eats it! Togepi cries again, so Bulbasaur uses its vines to sing a Pokemon Lullaby, referred as ‘Bulbaby’ in the English dub. The sleeping Togepi is put on a sandy chair with everyone relieved that Togepi is no longer crying…but they soon start hearing loud laughs and turns to see what’s causing this.

Four Pokemon, Snubbull, Cubone, Raichu and Marill are walking towards Pikachu laughing very loudly while Pikachu tried its hardest to tells them to be more quiet, but they don’t obey and becomes aggressive. Togepi wakes up with a sad voice while Squirtle and Bulbasaur goes to see the gang of four while Pikachu goes in and try to make peace, but Togepi is roaming, unwatched. Togepi safely walks on a log but the log stars rolling away when Pikachu gets on it!

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Pokemon Ash Ketchum

By Anonymous

Pokemon is awesome and it always will be. Did you know that in the first games Red and Blue (Green if Japanese) the player you are is named Red. Did you know Red has an anime counterpart? His name is Ash, Ash Ketchum. In Pokemon episode one, Ash Ketchum has been on the screen.  And now the anime is in the six hundreds, Ash’s clothes and voice might have changed but he is still Ash! Ash grew up in Pallet Town, a small down in the Kanto region. This town also has Professor Samuel Oak’s Pokemon Laboratory. In there you can get a fire type Charmander, grass type Bulbasaur or water type Squirtle.

On Ash’s first day he overslept and wasn’t able to get one of the above starters. So Professor Oak gave Ash a Pikachu. This Pikachu is still wild at the time and shocks Ash and ignores him the entire time. Pikachu wouldn’t even battle for Ash at the start. Ash had to throw rocks at the Pokemon he wanted to capture. He agitated a Spearow and Ash basically just ran from them. Pikachu was injured and needed a Pokemon Center so he can be healed. Ash hurried and stole a bike from a girl named Misty. He came close and the bike slipped. Ash then stood up and was willing to take the hits to protect Pikachu, but Pikachu got up and ran to his shoulders and shocked all the Spearow, also destroying the bike. And that is basically the first episode of Pokemon.
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Are Cilan And Iris Good Supporting Characters?

By Brandon Yeo

Cilan and Iris and two supporting characters in the new Pokemon Black and White series or Pokemon Best Wishes (Japanese). I personally only watch the Japanese series, however I doubt there is much difference between the two in terms of their lines.

In contrast to the effectiveness of the supporting characters in the last few series, I believe that Cilan especially has carried out his role sufficiently well. When I first saw Cilan, I thought he would be a bore, his role in this series progressing towards his aim of being a Pokemon Sommelier, but as the time passed, this notion changed rapidly. He indeed plays a large role in many of the episodes, especially that which involves all sort of activities such as fishing, watching movies and investigation. He brings up much comic as well being “Sommeliers” of all sorts and this is evident especially in the episode as Iris and Cilan aims to solve the mystery of the haunted museum . He attempts to prove his scientific method correct by making all sorts of nonsensical claims with regards to science making him seem brilliant but it is all just exaggeration. Thus, his ability to bring comic to the series is something much of the other supporting characters are not able to do. The plot development of Ash is clearly linked with that of Cilan, being the first Gym leader he defeats as well as Cilan teaching him much of the new Unova region.

However, Iris on the other hand, doesn’t seem to contribute much. The most common line would probably that Ash is so childish and this is constantly repeated throughout the many episodes, making her a really boring character. The only thing amazing about her is probably her athletic abilities of tree hopping which really nobody can compete with.
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Paul’s Chimchar

By Carl00456

Chimchar had a rough time with Paul. He was regularly abused up to the point of his abandonment, though Paul still made harsh comments about Chimchar when Ash decided to have him. Chimchar was a great Pokemon in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series; it’s unfortunate that Chimchar had to suffer throughout the anime.

Chimchar was first met when Paul was strolling along a route and he saw a wild Chimchar being chased by a horde of vicious Zangoose. Chimchar fled as fast as he could until he was stopped by the dead-end of a cliff. It is there where Chimchar unleashed his full power. Paul was watching Chimchar as he dodged the Zangoose’s attacks. Chimchar was so afraid and tormented that he had no choice but to fight back. Chimchar used flame wheel and sent out a fury of flames rapidly spinning around in a spiral. The Zangoose ran away quickly and Chimchar remained in the centre of the ash and flames. Paul realised Chimchar’s power and walked up to Chimchar, asking if Chimchar would like to go with him.

Chimchar was part of Paul’s team. He was shown battling with Paul many times in the anime but most of the time he lost. Paul was getting frustrated with Chimchar as he had never repeated his true power that he unleashed when fighting the group of Zangoose so he criticised it for being weak. Paul regularly tried to get Chimchar to show his power again so he tortured it by making it fight stronger Pokemon that were too powerful for it to defeat. Paul’s idea of training Chimchar was seriously wrong. He even made his Pokemon team attack him in hopes of re-creating his true power. Ash saw what was going on and explained that it was wrong and not the right way to treat Pokemon but Paul ignored this. Paul wouldn’t even send Chimchar to the Pokemon center when it was injured as he didn’t care for it.
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