Pikachu : Gotta Dance! Synopsis

By TokoyamiTheDark

The mini-movie begins with our hero’s Pokemon finding a strange building. Inside, Team Rocket leaves Meowth in a luxury room and tells him to take care of the room while they’re away until the Boss will come. So, three Whismur holding maracas are under Meowth’s supervision, which then make a stick appear in his paws. The stick has the ability to control Pokemon to make them dance to the music (exept the one holding it) so Whismur, Wobbuffet, Cacnea and Seviper all begin to dance with Meowth holding the stick. But then, Seviper chases the Whismur, which get locked in a jail by Meowth so he can eat all what he can without being disturbed.

Then, Meowth is daydreaming ; he imagines the Boss being so happy with the dance stick, he get rid of his Persian and takes Meowth home. Meanwhile, Pikachu and the other discover a small entrance to the building. Pikachu decides to go, but everyone else follows, and they fall on the room where the Whismur are held captive! Doing their best to break the lock, Pikachu, Torchic and Mudkip all use their attacks, which makes enough noise for Meowth to hear. Pikachu, hearing Meowth, Wobbuffet, Cacnea and Seviper coming, tells everyone to hide in the barrels. When Mewoth open the door, he is astonished; the Whismur are gone ; or are they? His musical stick flew of to one of the barrels, hitting a Pokemon’s head, and starting the music! This time, not even Meowth is spared from the song, but once it’s over, the good ol’ rivarly begins! Meowth gets angry while the other Pokemon are fleeing everywhere in the luxury room. Party balls explode with confetti, blankets are torn off, windows are broken, while a Loudred and a Ludicolo dances the Salsa. Everyone goes outside exept for Loudred, which still dances alone.
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A Home For Dwebble! Summary And Review


Hi guys! I will be offering a detailed summary and a review afterwards of the 11th episode of Pokemon Black and White. This episode starts out with Cilan preparing delicious sandwiches for Iris and Ash. Pikachu and Axew also enjoy their food without it getting stolen by Darumaka this time. Our heroes take a peek over some rocks to find a curious little Dwebble. They are delighted to see it in the process of choosing and making its home from a nearby rock. It then moves into its new shell, but is quickly kicked out when 3 bully Dwebble steal it from him. After beating up the owner, the bullies dig underground. Cilan cannot believe the injustice and sends out his Pansage to chase after the thieves. They are unsuccessful and the gang tries to calm down the disgruntled crab, but he lashes out in fear and ends up hurting Pansage.

A cut scene reveals Team Rocket meeting up with Pierce. They are given orders to infiltrate the Antimony Research Lab and to download the meteorite data. The sun is setting and the team is setting up camp for the night. Cilan uses a potion on Pansage, but he develops a fever. Iris comes to the rescue by whipping up a healing salve from nearby herbs. The team proceeds to sleep and we see Dwebble show its concern for the green monkey. As our heroes are sleeping, Team Rocket infiltrates the heavily secured research lab and accomplishes their mission. They report back to Pierce and are told to await further orders.

To everybody’s relief, Pansage makes a full recovery and the group heads out to help Dwebble get its home back. The bullies are spotted, but run away, only to be chased by Axew. Now that the wrong-doers are cornered, Dwebble vehemently insists that it wants to fight and get its house back by itself. The three are too much for it and again dig away. Knowing that the brave Pokemon only needs a fair fight, Cilan uses his food as bait to separate the trouble making trio. By using the environment and its deadly X-Scissor move, Dwebble takes back its house in a truly heroic manner. It becomes fond of Pansage and Cilan and decides to join him.
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A Rival Battle For Club Champ! Summary And Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the 10th episode from Pokemon Black and White. Ash and the gang stop by at Luxuria Town and enter the nearby Battle Club. Ash bursts in and goes to the nearby computer to look at all the prospective trainers and to his delight finds Trip. The Don George of Luxuria greets them and contacts Trip. Trip arrives at the Battle Club and Ash is determined for a rematch. Trip initially blows Ash off, but due to Iris’s heckling, agrees to a 5-on-5 Pokemon match. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is surrounded by Officer Jenny and the police.

The battle starts off with Trip’s Tranquil versus Ash’s Oshawott. Tranquil easily defeats Oshawott, forcing Ash to send out Tepig. Tepig is also defeated in a similar manner. Ash decides to send out Pikachu next. The lightning mouse is rested and ready for this rematch and knockouts Tranquil in exciting fashion. Trip sends out Servine next. The episode switches back to Team Rocket. The police go in to arrest the shady trio when a semi-truck busts through and rescues them. They ditch the truck and get away with jet packs. It turns out the driver was the contact, who goes by Pierce, and he hands James a briefcase.

Pikachu is ready for his rematch with the evolved form of Snivy. Pikachu battles valiantly, but eventually loses to Servine. Ash chooses Snivy next and the two go toe-to-toe. Snivy is able to land Attract and pummels Servine to a knockout. Trip is surprised, but quickly sends out Frillish. Ash allows Snivy to rest by switching her out for Pidove. Pidove attempts to battle, but Frillish uses Water Pulse and ends the match seconds after it began. Dismayed, Ash is forced to send out his only remaining Pokemon, Snivy. Snivy is able to dish out pain, but also endures a lot of punishment. After an excellent combo of Water Pulse and Hex, Frillish finishes off Snivy. Trip walks out of the Battle Club as Ash says that they should battle again sometime.

If you like Pokemon battles, you’ll love this episode. The entire episode is one long match and you see the conclusion too, none of that “to be continued” stuff. Team Rocket is shown just briefly as well. I was waiting for this rematch ever since Pikachu (wrongly) lost against Trip. So, I’ve got to say Trip’s opener with Tranquil was pretty impressive and was a bad omen for Ash. I feel like Ash’s Pokemon seldom evolve. I also respect the fact that he chooses not to evolve Pikachu. Anyways, Tranquil absolutely demolishes Oshawott and Tepig. They both lose to pretty much the same move, Aerial Ace (Tranquil uses Work Up and then Aerial Ace against Tepig). I know that some of the battles had to be quick, in order to fit the entire 5-on-5 match in one episode, but c’mon.
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The Bloom Is On Axew! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Here is my summary and thoughts about the 9th Pokemon Black and White episode. I’m excited to start. I just finished seeing it and I’m going to say that it’s my favorite episode so far. We see a change of pace, as the episode starts out with a battle between Iris and Cilan. However, this is no ordinary battle; instead, Iris has asked Cilan to get easy on her so she can train her Axew. Axew’s futile attempts are shunned by Pansage in hilarious fashion and the battle is abruptly stopped after a botched Dragon Rage.

Our heroes sit in a tree to relax. Ash and Cilan joke about Axew’s “Dragon Sneeze,” but soon after offer encouragement and help. We get to see some of Iris’s backstory including how she got Axew. Meanwhile, Team Rocket receives updated orders to head to the Desert Resort in search of a meteorite and is notified that they will rendezvous with another agent. Pikachu and Axew are playing in the forest and looking for apples when they accidently disturb a wild Scolipede. The trainers see a commotion in the distance and run to investigate. Pikachu reaches them and communicates that Axew is stuck between Scolipede’s antennae.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan work together to confront the wild Scolipede. Iris sends out her Excadrill, but it just stays still. The combined attacks of Snivy, Tepig, Pikachu, and Pansage are enough to distract the Scolipede and Iris swoops down and rescues her Axew. The angered Scolipede accidently kicks Excadrill who isn’t too happy about it and retaliates with Dig. Excadrill defeats Scolipede and our heroes triumph. Iris realizes things about herself and Ash decides to battle Pikachu himself. The journey continues!

It was a treat to start off the episode with a battle. There is a twist in that Axew is a really poor battler and Cilan is just helping her out. The battle is a must-see; it is very entertaining and funny. The weakened Bullet Seed and Solarbeam from Pansage was great stuff. Axew is just too cute. We also see a bit of role-reversal from Ash who is constantly yelling advice from the sidelines.

We get to see some character development for Iris in this episode. I enjoyed learning how she got her Axew and seeing her hometown (we get to see Fraxures and Axews and statues of Zekrom and Reshiram). Axew and Iris really seem to love each other and that’s a good thing. Team Rocket is lying low for now, just how I like it. I welcome their characters, just not every single episode. I like how the suspense is building up. The rest of the episode revolves around how Ash, Cilan, and Iris take care of the Scolipede problem and is filled with great animation.
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Saving Darmanitan From The Bell! Summary And Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the 8th episode in the latest Pokemon installment, the Black and White series. Ash, Iris, and Cilan start the episode having lunch in a field. Iris prepares some kabobs, while Cilan prepares a vegetable dish and some Oran berries for Pikachu and Axew. They are interrupted by a Darumaka who goes to sleep right in front of them. A sneaky thief steals Pikachu’s and Axew’s food as well as the kabobs. After much confusion, Ash sends out Oshawott to stop the two Darumaka from getting away with their lunch. The Darumaka unleash a deadly Flamethrower combination and escape.

Needing urgent care, Ash hurriedly takes Oshawott to the Pokemon Center in town. While Oshawott is recovering, our three heroes are informed about the Darumaka from Nurse Joy. Apparently, they are usually friendly to the townspeople, but have been stealing food as of late. She also tells them that the town has decided to demolish the Clock Tower. Ash, Iris, and Cilan have a delicious dinner and get up to help Nurse Joy pass out Moonwatch Dumplings for dessert. They open the pantry and catch the Darumaka stealing the dessert.

The Darumaka jump out the window and Ash follows in pursuit, sending his Pidove to track them down. Our heroes follow the Darumaka into the Clock Tower where a brief scuffle ensues. Iris pleads that she and her friends just want to find out the truth and help. The Darumaka show their friend Darmanitan holding up an unattached huge bell. Darmanitan needed food to continue holding up the bell, otherwise it would destroy the Clock Tower. The entire group works together to reattach the bell and save Darmanitan. At around the same time, we are shown Team Rocket meeting up with a correspondent and receiving a briefcase and orders to head to Nacrene City. The town hears what Darmanitan and the Darumaka did and decide to honor their heroism by letting them live in the Clock Tower. Our heroes are delighted and say their goodbyes to the fire Pokemon.

I was excited to see this episode just to see the Darmanitan, one of my favorite Pokemon from the Unova region. Darumaka say their names very fast and I like it. The argument between Pikachu and Axew was funny. I just mentioned in the last review that I haven’t seen Ash explode like he has when Misty used to complain, but we get to see both Ash and Iris explode in anger when Cilan remarks that the two are actually quite similar. I had a “D’oh!” moment.
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Snivy Plays Hard To Catch! Summary And Review


Hi guys! Today I will be summarizing and reviewing the 7th episode in Pokemon Black and White. Ash and the gang set off for Nacrene City. Our heroes take a quick lunch break. Iris gathers nearby fruits and Cilan uses his chef skills to cook up a delicious meal. Wanting to eat seconds, Ash and Iris get up to get some, but are dismayed when there is no more food. In some nearby bushes, they find that the culprit is a Snivy. Excited about the opportunity to catch a Grass Pokemon, Ash sends out Pikachu to battle her. Ash ends up protecting Pikachu from Snivy’s Vine Whip and Snivy runs away, but Ash is determined not to give up.

He sends Pidove to track down Snivy and continues to run through the forest. Ash finds himself mired in a marsh pit, but Iris and Cilan are there to rescue him. Meanwhile, Giovanni informs Team Rocket that a Unova-based secret organization might be alerted to their presence and recommends them to use caution. Jessie spots Snivy in the bushes and attempts to catch her, but she evades Jessie. Snivy decides to take a nap on a hill and Pidove is able to track her.

Upon spotting Snivy, Ash’s Oshawott is exciting and ready to battle despite the type disadvantage. Oshawott is unsuccessful, becoming immobile due to Attract. Our heroes chase Snivy to a stream and Ash sends out his Tepig to battle. Tepig is also immobilized by love which forces Ash to resort to his last unused Pokemon, Pidove. Pidove and Snivy fight a hard battle, but in the end, Ash is victorious and finally catches the elusive Snivy.

I didn’t think I would enjoy watching the new anime as much as I have been. If any of you are unsure, definitely try it out! On to the review, Cilan’s cooking abilities reminds me of Brock. I don’t know what’s up with Iris; she keeps belittling Ash. When Misty used to belittle Ash, he would get angry, but he is pretty chill in the Black and White series. I like his demeanor. It was predictable that Ash would end up catching a Snivy. After all, it would be a little strange to only catch 2 starters.
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Dreams By The Yard Full! Summary and Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the 6th episode of Pokemon Black and White. The episode picks right up from where we left off. Things are looking bad for Ash and Oshawott, but together they orchestrate a stunning comeback victory. Ash earns his first Unova Gym Badge—the Trio Badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is doing some reconnaissance work at the Dreamyard. Their involvement results in the emitting of a pink aura. Ash gives his Pokemon to Nurse Joy and is being interviewed by Cilan, when Iris comes rushing in with her Axew glowing pink. Dr. Fennel runs into the Pokemon Center and her Munna eats Axew’s dreams.

A state of crisis is declared over the city and Officer Jenny takes Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Dr. Fennel to the Dreamyard to investigate the disturbance. They arrive on the scene only to find that Team Rocket is up to no good. Team Rocket attempts to kidnap Musharna, but Pikachu and Munna are able to thwart their plans. The energy that was sending Pokemon asleep was stopped. Ash and Iris are ready to head out when Cilan decides to join them.

I’m happy to see that Ash did indeed prevail with Oshawott and earn his Trio Badge. Oshawott thought quickly and used his seashell to deflect the Solarbeam away. I thought Cilan was being a jerk when he started to berate Ash and his Oshawott because they didn’t have enough “spice” and such. The usage of Water Gun to retrieve the seashell was clever. The showdown between Oshawott’s Razor Shell and Pansage’s Bite was a very cool scene. I’m now starting to think of Oshawott as a water type Cubone. So Cilan actually turns out to be a cool guy; all three brothers are graceful winners and losers.

So we’re seeing a lot of Team Rocket and have yet to see any signs of Team Plasma. I like their disguises and glasses. I like round glasses. Anyways, we get to see Audino in this episode. I guess Audino does for Unova what Chansey did for Kanto. Iris is all worried about her sleeping Axew, but I loved the part where Munna eats Axew’s dream and shows it to everybody. Axew looks really happy in the dream and it proceeds to evolve into Fraxure and again into Haxorus.
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Triple Leaders, Team Threats! Summary and Review


Hi guys! I’m going to summarize and review the 5th episode of Pokemon Black and White. You won’t want to miss this one! Ash and Iris finally arrive in Striaton City. Ash is eager to challenge the Striaton gym leader, but doesn’t know where to go. Our heroes run into Cilan, a Pokemon Connoisseur. Cilan agrees to take Ash and Iris to the Striaton City Gym. When they get inside, the place looks like a restaurant. The gym is actually behind the restaurant and the gym leaders are actually the three waiters, Cilan, Cress, and Chili.

Ash is given a choice to battle a brother but boldly asks to battle all three. They agree and the first battle is between Ash’s Tepig and Chili’s Pansear. Next up is Ash’s Pikachu against Cress’s Panpour. After two exciting Pokemon battles, Ash must face Cilan for the Striaton City Gym Badge. It is up to Oshawott to beat Cilan and his Pansage. The battle is fierce and the episode ends with Ash’s Pokemon not looking too well, but without a conclusion. Meanwhile, Team Rocket reports to Giovanni and receives orders for the latest scheme.

Finally, we are treated to a gym battle. I’m glad Ash wasn’t hungry. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was growing impatient for a Pokemon gym battle. Kudos to the writer for making Ash challenge all 3 brothers. Speaking of Cilan, Cress, and Chili, I wonder what hair color their parents have. Oh, and what’s up with the cheerleaders/fangirls hanging out in the restaurant? It brings back memories of the cheerleaders that were following Gary around. Is it just me, or is Iris looking awfully adoringly at something (watch her expression right before the battle is about to begin)?
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The Battle Club And Tepig’s Choice Summary And Review


Hey guys! I’m going to summarize and review the 4th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash and Iris are continuing on their journey to Striaton City, but make a stop at Accumula Town. Ash is disappointed because there isn’t a Pokemon gym there, but quickly cheers up when Iris tells him of the Pokemon Battle Club. Upon entering the gym, a battle between Servine and Dewott is underway. Servine is knocked out and that is when the owner, Don George, welcomes our heroes. Ash is challenged by the Dewott’s trainer, but they are unable to finish their match due to a break-in.

Don George and the others take a look at the security tapes, to find that a mysterious black and thin Pokemon and Team Rocket were in the storage. Everyone thinks that the mysterious Pokemon is an Umbreon, and they are excited to find it. Team Rocket eavesdrops and paints up Meowth to look like Umbreon to distract the Battle Club members. Meanwhile, Ash and Iris make a trail of Pokemon food to lure the mysterious culprit. Ash spots a Tepig and discovers that it is the mysterious Pokemon. While Ash is in pursuit of Tepig, Pikachu and Oshawott get into a small scuffle.

Ash finally catches up to Tepig and explains the story to everyone else. Things are finally going back to normal when Team Rocket is spotted stealing Ash’s Pikachu. Although Tepig was abandoned by his former trainer, he is determined to prove himself and saves Pikachu from the clutches of Team Rocket. The episode ends with Tepig joining Ash.
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A Sandile Gusher Of A Change! Summary And Review


Hey guys! This is a review for the 3rd episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash and Iris are on their way to Striaton City to challenge the gym leader. They begin to argue and are interrupted by the same Oshawott that rescued them in the previous episode. Oshawott wants to join Ash, but it turns out he is one of the starter Pokemon from Professor Juniper’s laboratory. Ash and Iris go to a nearby computer where they communicate with Juniper who wholeheartedly agrees to let Ash take Oshawott. While sending Oshawott’s Pokeball, Professor Juniper warns that Oshawott likes to wander off. The party turns around only to find that Oshawott has disappeared.

The heroes set off to find the lost Pokemon, when they fall into a pit trap. A young local boy named Dan helps them out and explains a situation with local Sandile that has made his parents close down their resort. The resort is popular because of its sand baths. Ash is curious and decides to take one himself and Pikachu and Axew join him. Ash discovers Oshawott nearby taking a sand bath, when a Sandile attacks the group. Amongst all the confusion, Team Rocket captures Sandile, Pikachum, and Oshawott, but is thwarted by Sandile’s friends. The episode reveals that the Sandile are actually trying to keep people and Pokemon away from dangerous geysers. Trouble brews when some Pokemon are trapped by the erupting geysers, but Ash, Oshawott, and the Sandiles save the day.
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