Where In The World Is Hoenn?

By Joe

Is it just me or is Hoenn the lost region of the Poke-world? I’m sitting here looking at the list of towns, gym leaders, elite four members and Pokemon and to be honest with you despite being a borderline obsessive fan I have literally no idea who half of them are. Who are “Tate and Liza”? “Pheobe” anyone? No didn’t think so. When was the last time you saw an “Exploud”? That one episode 6 years ago? I don’t even remember it myself. I had to google it.

On a side note, with all the fuss over generation fives crappy designs people seemed to forget that Exploud and its pre-evolution Loudred are actually based on boom box’s! Yes, those music players from the 70’s. Atleast everybody knows what ice cream is. I doubt anyone actually playing Pokemon is aware that boom box’s existed. To be fair that is stil a step above a trash bag. But still!
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Ash’s Traveling Companions

By Jo

The Pokemon anime has been centered around Ash Ketchum from the very beginning. In his quest to become a Pokemon Master, he and his beloved Pikachu have traveled to many different regions and befriended trainers of all sorts. Though some of those trainers have been affected by Ash more than others, even to the point of where they’d decided to go off on their own adventures with him. They’ve stood by his side, aiding him in times of distress and have added to the plot of the show. Without them, the anime probably wouldn’t be where it is today – on its 14th season. Continue reading “Ash’s Traveling Companions”

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