Why Collect Pokemon?

By Phil Broadbent


So, whether you are reading this before or after the ‘Pokemon Card Collecting’ article, this article is meant to provide some encouragement and reasons of becoming a collector.

It’s a Hobby!

“A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one’s spare time.”

Collecting is a hobby! It gives you plenty to do, which are described across the next few sections. It’s fun, and certainly is rewarding. Yes it can be repetitive, but I, and many others, firmly believe it is worth it.

The Community!

I have yet to meet an unpleasant collector! Of all the people I have talked to through my years of collecting I haven’t met anyone who I haven’t liked. Of course, you don’t generally talk to eBay sellers, but members of communities such as http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/ are very nice.
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Pokemon Center Reshiram And Zekrom Pokedolls

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have released two new pokedolls, Reshiram and Zekrom. These two new pokedolls are bigger than the normal pokedolls. Similar in size to the DX pokedolls of Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai that were sold back in 2007, but slightly smaller. They are about 2-3 times as big as a normal pokedoll.

Reshiram Pokedoll
2011 Reshiram Large Pokedoll

Zekrom Pokedoll
2011 Zekrom Large Pokedoll

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Catching Zoroark

By Princeofbrawl

There is a pokemon that you cant catch in pokemon black and white his name is Zoroark (Im just going to tell you about Zoroark).  Zoroark, the illusion fox pokemon:

Type: dark ability:
Illusion height:5’03”
Weight: 178.8 lbs.

And here’s how to catch it.
First, you need a shiny Raikou, shiny Entei and shiny Suicune.  At the special event at game stop you cannot get Raikou or Entei because that dates have already passed, but Suicune is still open. He appears on Jan 31st, 2011 through Feb 6th, 2011.
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The Facts About Pokemon Luxray GL Lv. X

By Jack Borkowski

Luxray GL lv.x, the most difficult Lv.x to get is commonly referred to “the best card in our format”. Well to be honest I disagree, yeah I know some people will think differently to me but seriously I disagree completely. I’m going to go over the pros and cons of this card and overall answer “is this card worth getting”. First let’s go over the card in general. It’s poke-power Bright Look is probably the best poke-power in the game. It lets you pick one of the opponents benched pokemon and bring it up to the active spot. This can really annoy your opponent by bringing up a pokemon with a high retreat cost. You can also bring up a pokemon with low hp and K.O it.

Now the attack is where this card puts me off a little. It’s attack Flash Impact does 60 damage with a lightning energy and a energy gain but it also does 30 damage to one of your bench pokemon. This is terrible with cards like garchomp c lv.x in our format and even doing damage to your pokemon is bad overall. Another bad thing is the cost of the card itself. People are selling them for $80 each which is over the top.
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By Nora Berger

If there is one thing for Pokemon card collectors to have anxiety over, it is related to counterfeit cards. Especially on the internet. Nine times out of ten, a buyer mentally questions the authenticity of the cards for sale or the integrity of the card seller, himself. After all, the images of the cards might not be a scan of the exact card that a buyer will eventually receive. Even the internet seller could be unaware that the card in question is a fake. Regardless of the circumstances, there is no denying it: counterfeit Pokemon cards exist.

But what about cards that are not for sale on the internet? What about neighbors who sell cards? Tag / Estate sales often feature kind faces. The sellers are sometimes kids who believe that they have outgrown their Pokemon card collections. I am a kid so I trusted Cole* and his “kind” face. I was duped.
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Recommended Pokemon Games You Should Buy

By Anonymous

Lately have you heard about the new Pokemon DS games coming out? There are two of them and they are called Black and White. They are going to come out on March 6, 2011. The legendary Pokemon you get in the Black version is called Reshiram. The legendary Pokemon you get in the White version is called Zekrom. At GameStop these games cost $34.99 each. If you like Pokemon cards and you get packs wishing for Lv.X’s, EX’s, or Prime’s you don’t have to do that anymore. You just can get a tin. They always come with at least one Lv.X, EX or Prime and you get to choose!

I think for the Pokemon plushes you should get Pokemon Center plushes because they are made officially by Nintendo. For the DS games in between Heart gold and Soul silver I would recommend getting Soul silver. I would recommend getting Soul silver because Ho-oh is a stronger character (at least I think) and you get to catch him at Lv.70. And in between Platinum, Diamond and Pearl I would recommend getting Platinum. I would recommend getting Platinum because it is more updated than Diamond and Pearl.
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Pokemon Players And The Next Generation

By Leonie Herson

Pokemon has become a worldwide phenomenon, with its limitless merchandise and continuous television series (including movies) bought and viewed almost everywhere. With a total of 649 Pokemon and a new Pokemon fifth generation underway, the quest to catch them all becomes even more challenging. With new abilities, type combinations and battle mechanics in stunning new graphics, what’s not to love?

Since the release of Pocket Monsters Red and Blue in 1998 for the US (Red and green in 1996 for Japan), countless of Pokemon fans have risen and continue to do so today as new generations take over for the Black and White versions. On a more personal note, I don’t think I can ever enjoy the new games as much as I did back during the release of Pokemon Yellow.  However as I say this, the children who grow up with generation five would probably say something similar for Black and White. As a child, exploring and finding these strange creatures in different areas was exciting and eventually fueled a passion for games.
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Pokemon Scraggy (Zuruggu) Lifesize Plushie

By Brian Grabow

At the Pokemon Centers in Japan, there is a new promotion campaign. It features the new character Scraggy. Scraggy is known in Japanese as Zuruggu. This new character is one of the generation V Pokemon characters. He looks similar to Croagunk, but is yellow. The Pokemon Centers in Japan have made some new merchandise featuring this character.

Scraggy lifesize plush toy

There is a lifesize plush Scraggy which is a staggering 23″ (58cm) tall. Its absolutely huge. Its the same size as the lifesize Tsutarja, Mijumaru and Pokabu that came out a while back. There is also a smaller  Scraggy plush toy (similar in size to a pokedoll, but slightly bigger), 5 different charms, a pen, eraser, clear files, a Scraggy shaped hat, 2 different straps, a pouch that is the shape of a plush Scraggy doll, 2 clear file folders, a tomy plush Scraggy, and more. Don’t wait. This is a limited time campaign, so it won’t be available for long. You can buy all these great items at Hardrock-Pokemon. These items are very popular and will sell out very fast, especially the lifesize Scraggy plushie.

The charms are very interesting. They come in an egg shaped plastic package and contain one charm. The charm inside is random, so you don’t know which one you will get.
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Pokemon Black & White

By Amanda

Pokemon Black and White is one of  the best game ever, where everything is new!  Though catching and raising pokemon is the same, theirs new ways to catch them, and the story is much bigger then before.  Now getting badges is not the only thing important to do, but also to stop Team Plasma who wants to free all pokemon from Trainers.

New ways to find pokemon are when in the grass, sometimes one will shake, and if you go into it, you will find rare pokemon!  When on water, you may see a bubble, and when you swim to it, you will also see rare pokemon, and if your in a cave, you may see a dust ball, and not only could you find pokemon, but you may also find items as well.  When on a bridge, you will occasionally see a shadow, and not only will you find pokemon going under it, but you could also find item wings that can raise your stats Evs a little.  And now theres another type of grass you can go in, if its darker, you will sometimes battle two wild pokemon at a time, but be careful that you wont be able to catch  two pokemon at a time, so you will have to defeat one to catch one.
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Johto Eevee Evolution

By Amanda

In Johto, Eevee can evolve into two different pokemon depending on how they are raised.  If you train Eevee during the day, it’ll evolve into Espeon, but if you train it at night, it’ll evolve into Umbreon.  Espeon is a psychic type, while Umbreon is a dark type, and both have advantages and weaknesses.  Espeon is weak to dark, ghost, and bug types, but is strong against fighting and poison types.  Umbreon is weak to fighting and bug types, but is strong to psychic and ghost types.  With Espeon’s stats, its special attack, special defense, and speed is high compared to it’s other stats.  Umbreon however, it’s highest stats are its HP, defense, and special defense.

Both Umbreon and Espeon are very popular compared to the other eevee evolution’s, in both games, and merchandise.  From cards, to figures, to plushies, they are one of the top sellers from around the world.  To some, Umbreon is one of the best dark types ever, and some think Umbreon is number one from all the other Eevee evolution’s, and the same goes to Espeon.  Both Espeon and Umbreon have also stared in the anime on more then one episode, and  even had a cameo in the pokemon movies.  And in the anime, there are a few characters that have Umbreon and Espeon as one of their pokemon.  Gary, and Dawn’s mother owns an Umbreon, while Annie from pokemon movie five, and Sakura had an Espeon.  Their are other people in the anime and the movies that also had these two pokemon, as well as in the games too.  In all, they are both awesome pokemon to have, and like all other pokemon, are fun to raise in games to become one of your top partners ever.
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