Pokemon Lifesize Pansage Plush Toy

By Brian Grabow

There is a new lifesize plush toy released in Japan. This time it is Pansage, or Yanappu as it is referred to in Japanese. This Pokemon plushie is huge. It measures 25″ (64cm) tall and 20.5″ (54cm) wide. Far bigger than any other Pansage plush toy made to date.

Pansage Lifesize Plush

You can see it here next to a can of juice for a size comparison. This is the 5th lifesize plushie to come out from the generation V character series. The other lifesize plush were Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy and Scraggy.
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Pokemon Plush Toys And Figures

By Anonymous

Pokemon plush toys are a fun way to display your obsession for Pokemon! There are plushies made for almost every Pokemon! Ones from the original one hundred fifty to the new Black and White Pokemon. Plush toys are fun to collect. Like the TCG cards there are also sets of Pokemon plushies! Like Poke Dolls, UFO Catcher Prize, etc. There are such ones like Zorua, Zoroark, Mew etc. Some people even trade plush toy for plush toy! You can buy plush toys from good Pokemon websites or stores. You can even buy plush toys from this website! There are also key chain plush toys.
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A Devious Feline

By Pheonixxfoxx

Pokemon Black & White, I had mixed feelings about the new game honestly. Most of the new generation 5 Pokemon were so strange and different! Then a certain purple kitty, by the name of Choroneko/Purrloin was revealed! I have always had a soft spot for the evolved cat forms, so my like for Choroneko came as a bit of a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked Meowth, Skitty, and Glameow. I just like their evolved forms better for some reason!
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Is There A Pokemon Center In The US?

What is The Pokemon Center?

The Pokemon Center is a specialist store for Pokemon goods, and can be found in 6 locations – Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama and Sapporo. All of which are in Japan. The wide range of original Pokemon Center goods are the most popular items found at the Pokemon Center. If you want Pokemon goods, you know the Pokemon Center is the place to go! It is a Pokemon fan’s paradise.

Is there a Pokemon Center in the US?

The Pokemon Center is a must see destination for any Pokemon fan. Here in the United States we can only dream of a place that is entirely devoted to Pokemon- and there once was. For all of you looking for a Pokemon Center in the US, let me end your search. There was once a Pokemon Center in New York, but don’t go searching because you won’t find it.
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Pokemon Center Victini Campaign

By Brian Grabow

There is a new Victini campaign at the Pokemon Centers in Japan. These items are only sold at the Pokemon Centers in Japan and not at any toy stores or anywhere else. The campaign will only last for a very short time, so hurry and get these goodies. At the moment there is a Victini plush toy, memo pad, notebook, two different clear file folders, mechanical pencil, handkerchief, Nintendo DS cartridge case and a tshirt.
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Blitzle, Whimsicott And Cubchoo Pokemon Pokedolls

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 3 new awesome Pokedolls. They are Blitzle, Cubchoo and Whimsicott. After the last few Pokedolls have been large size, its nice to have the Pokemon Center release some of the normal size ones again. These three Pokemon plushies are extremely popular and will probably sell out very fast. Continue reading “Blitzle, Whimsicott And Cubchoo Pokemon Pokedolls”

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Pokemon Center Fukuoka Grand Re-Opening Merchandise

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Center in Fukuoka, Japan has just moved to a new location. The Grand Re-Opening is on March 3rd, but I managed to get a pre-opening invitation, so I was able to get the new Pokemon items a day early. This promotion was very similar to the Osaka one last year. There was plushies, a pin badge, keychain, clear folder a pillow and some large size stickers. I was kind of disappointed that there was no charms, but the plushies are very cool, so it made up for it. Continue reading “Pokemon Center Fukuoka Grand Re-Opening Merchandise”

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Traveling Companion

By Pheonixxfoxx

Pokedolls are all the rage, but I never really understood why! Well, not until I got my Giratina Origin Form Pokedoll, whom I named Pickles, almost 2 years ago! Pickles came from Nintendo World in New York, a fellow Pokemon collector decided to do a Pokedoll run, to help fellow collectors get their hands on those long sought after Pokedolls. For some reason, I was compelled to have my name added to the list for both a Giratina Origin Form and Shadow Lugia Pokedoll, though I did not really collect either Pokemon. Sadly, Shadow Lugia was out of stock, but I still gladly paid for Giratina Origin Form.
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Pokemon Serperior Samurott Emboar Pokedoll Plushies

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 3 new Pokedolls today. They are Serperior, Samurott and Emboar. These Pokedolls are larger than normal size. It is about twice the size of a normal Pokedoll and of course about twice the cost. It is one of the large size Pokedolls, similar to Reshiram and Zekrom that were released last month.

Check out my video of the 3 new Pokedolls on youtube if you want to see them up close and the size compared to a normal size Pokedoll.
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Minccino And Emolga Large Size Pokemon Plushies

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released two new large size plushies. They are Minccino and Emolga, or Chillarmy and Emonga as they are commonly known in Japanese.

Chillarmy Large Plush
Minccino Giant Size Plush Toy

These are only sold in Japan at the Pokemon Centers and not at any toy stores. These two large plush toys are bigger than most large size plush toys, but smaller than the lifesize plushies.They both have incredibly soft fur that is like velvet. Very soft to the touch. They are very nicely detailed too.  Both of their faces have nice stitching and are very adorable. The eyes are really nicely made and Minccino’s ears are also really cool. Very nice quality I think.

Both plushes are about 14-15 inches tall (about 35-38cm), so they are quite big. Not as big as the lifesize plushies, but pretty big.  The Minccino plushie is alot wider than Emolga Pokemon plush because of its gigantic ears, but they are both similar in height.
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