Johto Region Pokemon Part 3

By Amanda

Pichu is an electric type Pokemon, which is the pre evolved form of Pikachu.  It’s known as the tiny mouse Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan.  It can learn attacks like thundershock and sweet kiss, but it can only learn four moves through level up.  It appeared in several episodes in the anime as well as in short films before the movie begins.

One example is before Pokemon 3, a short film that stars the Pichu brothers befriending Ash’s Pikachu, and helping it return back to the other Pokemon before time runs out when Ash and friends return.  Noctowl is a flying type which is the evolved form of Hoothoot.  It’s known as the owl Pokemon, and is known as Yorunozuku in Japan.  It can learn several moves like confusion, air slash, and dream eater.  In the anime, Ash caught a rare shiny one during his adventure in the Johto region, being the first shiny Pokemon caught by a main character in the anime.
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Pokemon Call Of Legends?

Most of you have heard of the new pokemon trading card set named “Call of Legends.” This set has replaced primes and legends from the earlier sets with shinies. Shinies such as Palkia, Rayquaza, Lugia, Deoxys, Ho-Oh, and even the three legendary dogs. The shinies from these newer sets are a continuation to the older star cards. Unlike primes, these shinies are not allowed in the trading card game. Alike primes the appearance of these cards are similar, the border of a prime is holographic, same with the shinies.

This set is considered good for collectors but not so much TCG players. Some specific cards are very helpful such as lost world and lost remover which are some big deck cards for some players. This set contains 95 cards, which isn’t a big set compared to others. The cards in Call of Legends are very similar to the ones in earlier set such as HeartGold and SoulSilver and HS Undaunted.
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Living In A Pokemon World

By Jo

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Pokemon? Fans of the franchise would normally think of their favorites or possibly characters from the television show. Most adults would think of just silly little characters that resemble animals and have some hold over the elements while rolling their eyes at the absurdity of it all. My parents would envision me as a child, their little girl who was supposed to into princesses and faerie tales, absorbed in possibly my most memorable birthday cake — one that had a Pikachu on it.

As a product of the ’90s, I grew up in a time when Pokemon was at its greatest hype in America. Fast food kids-meals contained figurines of the original 151, the show played nearly every day on a main channel, and Christina Aguilera and a Spice Girl were featured in the first movie’s soundtrack. So when I think of Pokemon, I think of my childhood. I think of my first sleeping bag that had a giant pokeball on it, and Pikachu slippers that my mother had gotten me after I’d been sick. I think of how annoyed my father would get when I’d imitate Togepi or rattle off the PokeRap. But then as the years have continued to pass, I’ve realized how useful ideas instilled in the anime and in the games can help us in our later years and appreciate those little critters even more now.
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Pokemon Black And White

By Anonymous

Everybody’s talking about the new pokemon game, “Black and White.” There is much hype about the new pokemon such as Zoroark, Reshiram, and Zekrom. But not everybody agrees with the newfangled creatures. Some say they’re poorly made, some say they are the best made generation. What do you think? Nintendo will be introducing a whopping 156 new pokemon! In the game you’ll be introduced to a new region call Unova. You also may know the starters of this game which are Tepig the firepig, Oshawott the water otter, and Snivy the grass snake. The new game will be announced in Early March.
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Johto Region Pokemon Part 2

By Amanda

Ho-oh is a fire and flying type legendary Pokemon.  It’s known as the rainbow Pokemon, and is known as Houou in Japan.  It has strong moves like Sacred fire, sky attack and extrasensory.  In the anima, 300 years ago it lost its trust to humans due to their destruction, and how they used Pokemon in bad ways.  When the Tin Tower burned to the ground, it flew away, and never contacted itself to humans since.  Ash is one of the few humans who were lucky to see it, being that he saw it three times during his adventures, and has a close connection to Ho-oh.  Ho-oh also resurrected three characters, namely Suicune, Entei, and Raikou that were caught in the flames, who now watch over all humans until the day Pokemon and humans become one, then Ho-oh will return.
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Johto Region Pokemon Part 1

By Amanda

Cyndaquil is a fire type, which is also one of the region starter Pokemon.  It’s known as the fire mouse Pokemon, and is known as Hinoarashi in Japan.  It can learn strong movies like flame wheel, and lava plume.  It can evolve into Quilava at level 14 and then Typhlosion at level 36.  In the anima, Ash caught a Cyndaquil in the Johto region, and it evolved into a Quilava in the Sinnoh region.  Quilava is a fire type, which is the evolution of Cyndaquil.  It’s known as the Volcano Pokemon and known as Magumarashi in Japan.  It can learn strong moves like flamethrower and rollout.  When it reaches level 36, it will evolve into Typhlosion, its final stage.  Typhlosion is a fire type and is the final stage of Cyndaquil.  It’s known as the volcano Pokemon, and known as Bakufun in Japan.  It knows strong moves like double- edge and eruption.
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Pokemon Call of Legends Pre-release

By: Brian Hsieh

Prereleases are a fun way to get booster packs and utilize the cards right away via a tournament. Standard stores that hold prereleases allow a person to open six booster packs to create a forty card deck. Players also receive a free gift for entering the prerelease. For the Call of Legends Prerelease, a Snorlax holo was given out along with a deck box. I went to a prerelease in Brooklyn, NY with my friend. I went 3-2 while he went 2-3.

When we arrived, we were given POP IDs during registration. Afterwards, we went upstairs to sit and wait for our booster packs. We were given six Call of Legends booster packs to open. The ratio for this set isn’t as great as previous sets, as my friend and I failed to pull a shiny card, which are the ultra-rares for this set. The main cards I pulled were Feraligatr, Skarmory, and Tyrogue rares. My friend pulled a Gyarados holo and Ampharos rare that he used in his deck. Although these cards aren’t top tier deck cards, they had to suffice when there aren’t that many top tier cards within the set.
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Third Generation Shiny Pokemon Review

By Emily

Of all the generations, the third has some of the best shiny Pokemon, and most of my personal favorites come from here. Both rare and common characters have had good luck with their shiny form colors, and one of the best was even turned into an event.

Milotic was given out as a shiny event in 2008 and 2009 during the yearly Video Game Championships. Japan had this event at the end of 2008 and it was only available to Platinum games. It was available in Europe and the United States during the first half of the year and was only available on certain days due to the dates of the tournaments. Its shiny form is a very nice change from regular, and the red and gold of the tail go together nicely.
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Pokemon Booster Packs vs Card Store Websites

By Brian Hsieh

Booster packs are a common way to obtain cards. For around the $4.00 mark, booster packs strengthen one’s collection by adding a set of random cards that one pulls after the purchase. But many websites have been established that sell singles of the card at decent prices. Their philosophy is that you can get what you want without spending more money on a Pokemon booster pack and possibly being disappointed. Take ultra-rare cards; they can be obtained in booster packs but with a low ratio of them being pulled. Even if you actually pull an ultra-rare card, it might not be the one you’re looking for. With card store websites, the hassle of buying many packs just to be possibly disappointed is thrown away. For a fee similar to two to three booster packs, one can obtain an ultra-rare card. For a smaller fee, one can obtain rares, holographic cards, and many others to complete their collection.

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Black And White Sampling Tour: International Centre

By Leo Du

On February 19, 2011, I attended Kid’s Fest at the International Centre.  There were demo versions of Pokemon Black and White being shown there which people can play.  Also, there were face painting stations and coloring stations.  The designs available at the face painting station were Victini and Pikachu.  I got a Victini on my face; I had to wait like 20 minutes for my turn.

Boy Victini Face Painting
A Boy Having A Victini Painted On His Face
Victini On Face
My Face With A Victini Painted On
Pikachu Victini
The Two Pokemon Available At The Face Paint Station. Pikachu & Victini

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